Euphoria Telecom’s powerful VOIP system is the ideal telephony solution for the e-commerce industry.

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One of the characteristics of a successful e-commerce operation is the ability to manage what is, by its very nature, a distributed operation. It is, in essence, a middle-man between many suppliers, on the one hand, and with even more customers on the other.

This is why Euphoria Telecom was formed, to offer an affordable, efficient service to businesses of all sizes and types, to enable them to be available to their customers, when and where they need them.

Through the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, the callcentre itself can be widely distributed with agents operating from their own home offices. This helps to keep costs down – a key aspect of any successful business model – and encourages growth in the business.

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The adaptability and flexibility to power business growth

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It’s the perfect fit for any e-commerce business, providing a stable and reliable channel for internal and external communication.

One of the reasons that ecommerce businesses are taking off in South Africa and the world is the flexibility and adaptability that comes with a business model that requires minimal physical infrastructure. 

A hosted PABX solution from Euphoria Telecom offers over 200 features and enables employees to work from literally anywhere in the world – it’s the perfect fit for any e-commerce business, providing a stable and reliable channel for internal and external communication.

Furthermore, a cloud-based PABX system will grow in lockstep with business, adapting to the needs of employees, customers and suppliers. Automatic call back, call logs, call forwarding, call hold and return, call transfer, voice mail and many more features can be added or removed from your system at any time. 

With a Euphoria hosted PABX, employees can communicate with each other using any one of a wide range of VoIP handsets, a browser phone or the Euphoria Mobile App, at zero cost over the internet connection they will already have for work.

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Transform your business with a multi-device phone solution tailored to your specific needs

We offer cost-effective telephony packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

Our seamless phone system can be accessed via multiple devices which means remote working is now simpler than ever. 

Put your deskphone in your pocket with the Euphoria Mobile App.

Our groundbreaking Telephone Management System (TMS) is packed with 200+ powerful features all designed to save money and improve efficiency.

Save up to:


compared to legacy landlines


compared to cumbersome onsite PBX systems


compared to other PBX providers

Euphoria system features that have special relevance within the e-commerce sector:

  • The Euphoria Mobile App – make and receive calls from your office phone number using your cellphone
  • Intelligent Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Recordings

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Euphoria has the solution for any business in the e-commerce sector