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Our first customer signed up in 2010 and is still a customer on a month-to-month contract today.
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones
Euphoria Telecom, PABX phone system, cloud PABX, Yealink Phones

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Euphoria has brought us a few things. Easy adaptability – we can add, remove and change our lines, extensions and savings; the control has saved us a fortune. Implementing it lowered our bill by 75% and it has stayed at that level despite the aggressive growth of our company!

Truth Coffee

Hi George
I would like to congratulate you and your team with your service delivery. Your product and support service (technical and administrative) has impressed me to no end.
From the moment I have made contact with Euphoria, I have only marvelled at your ability to make my customer experience hassle free.
Whenever I get the chance, I refer people to your service.
Well done.

Shaun Waso
Affinity Group

Euphoria enabled us to ‘close the deal’. No other provider could or would deliver a functional call centre in the time frame we required. The simplicity of the integration went far beyond our expectation – it gave the term ‘plug and play’ new definition. Very few setups works this well from day one. The guys know what they are doing and they do it well.

Martin Lubbe


Perhaps you can just pass a word onto everyone at Euphoria that we are extremely happy with the Euphoria system in general, and with the support in particular.  It makes a really big difference that we are able to get hold of people who can answer our questions. I’m sure the volume right now is higher than it will be, as we’re just getting stuck in.

The new system has already completely revolutionized our help desk, and we’re just getting started using all the functionality we now have available to us.


Hi Euphoria,

Hope you are well. Happy new year – may 2014 be 14 times a billion better then 2013. Thank you very much for the great service. I recommended Certech in Johannesburg to you and they are very impressed by your service and nice staff.

Just thought to let you know that you are doing a great job, thank you very much.

Have a stunning day.

Kind Regards
Jackie Nieuwenhuizen

Good Day George / Rafal

I trust you are both well and that 2014 will be another awesome year for you and your company.

I would just like to make you aware of the absolutely awesome service that Garth repeatedly affords us; his turnaround times and general conduct is far beyond my expectations and we (at FinServe) take great pride in this type of service. He is truly a valuable asset to Euphoria.

Nonetheless, have a great day further and keep up the great work.

Kind Regards
Michael Dryden

Good morning Euphoria team,

A BIG thank you for the fabulous goodie basket we received. Lots of delicious treats we will all enjoy in the office. We do however have to warn you that we will hold you responsible for the expansion of our hips due to the high sugar intake we are about to experience. LOL!

As mentioned it is a pleasure working with your professional and efficient team.

Thank you for your dedication to service excellence. Truly a leader in CLIENT RELATIONS AND SATISFACTION.

Have a glorious day and we look forward to a long working relationship with you.


Hi Euphoria,

Since joining Euphoria last year, our phone and communication system has gone from strength to strength. Dealing with your support team has always been a good experience, and there has never been a problem that is too big for them to handle. We have also presented them with many challenges / technical requirements which they have met with a smile on their faces, and have never turned us away.

In the short time that our company has been with you, we have achieved many things together and I am excited to see what Euphoria will achieve in the coming years.

(Love the new logo too – BTW)

Kim Greyling

Excutive PA to the Director – EES

This customer had been having a very difficult time to streamline services from alternative service providers. Here is an excerpt of a letter he sent to one of them (Vodacom).

“I hereby inform you that I would like to cancel the One Net Express service requested from you more than two months ago.

Just for interest’s sake, I would recommend that you visit, so you can learn from the company that was able to assist us. These very helpful people were able to assist me in getting my telephone communications (with a switchboard) up and running within three working days.

Yes, Vodacom, that’s three days from calling to ask for a quote, until the phones were in my office programmed and working. I can also add that these people are in Cape Town, I’m in a rural area outside of Pretoria.

I was able to sit in my office and accept contracts online – no need to deal with a rep or having to travel to a store. If they promise to call me back, I’d get a call back within the hour and not “shortly”, within a month. Their service is well explained and advertised on their website and they sure know how to keep their customers happy!”

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