Yealink W80B Base Station

Yealink W80B Base Station

A turnkey solution offering scalability with the Yealink W80B Base Station.

  • Up to 100 handsets
  • Up to 100 concurrent calls
  • Scalable from 1 to 30 bases with seamless handover
  • Range: Indoor: 50m and Outdoor: 300m
  • Yealink W53H/W56H handset support
  • Power over ethernet
  • Wall mount only
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Yealink W80B Base Station: Elevating Business Communication to New Heights

In a world where real-time communication is the bedrock of effective business operations, Yealink once again proves its mettle with the introduction of the W80B Base Station. Designed to address the pain points of modern businesses and offer unmatched scalability, the W80B is the epitome of future-forward communication tools.

Unmatched Scalability: Ready for Tomorrow’s Needs

The W80B Base Station isn’t just built for today but for the evolving demands of tomorrow. Boasting the ability to connect up to 100 handsets and manage an astonishing 100 concurrent calls, it effortlessly caters to businesses of all scales. From thriving startups to expansive enterprises, the W80B ensures that no call goes unanswered.

Boundless Connectivity with Seamless Handover

What sets the W80B apart is its impeccable scalability from 1 to 30 bases. This feature, combined with its seamless handover capability, ensures that even in large organizations spread across multiple floors or buildings, communication remains uninterrupted. A roaming employee won’t experience any drop in call quality, ensuring efficiency and consistency in every interaction.

Spanning the Distance: Remarkable Range Capabilities

Range can often become a bottleneck in wireless communication solutions, but not with the W80B. With an impressive indoor range of 50 meters and an expansive outdoor coverage of 300 meters, the base station guarantees that distance is never a deterrent to clear, crisp communication.

Versatile Handset Support: Catering to Every Business Need

Yealink, recognizing the diverse needs of modern businesses, ensures the W80B Base Station supports popular models like the Yealink W53H and W56H handsets. This compatibility ensures that businesses can choose the handsets that best suit their specific needs without any compatibility issues.

Efficient Powering: Embracing Modern Solutions

In line with contemporary business infrastructure needs, the W80B comes with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. This not only simplifies the installation process but also eliminates the need for separate power adapters, leading to a cleaner and more streamlined setup.

Elegant and Practical Design: Wall Mount for Optimal Placement

Yealink understands that every business space is unique. With the W80B’s wall mount only design, it ensures optimal placement and space utilization. The design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with modern office interiors.

Redefining the Paradigm of Wireless Communication

The Yealink W80B Base Station isn’t merely a communication tool; it’s a statement of what’s possible when innovative technology meets business needs. This base station encapsulates Yealink’s dedication to offering turnkey solutions that are both user-friendly and technologically advanced.

For businesses that envision a future where communication is not just efficient but also scalable, the W80B Base Station stands out as the gold standard. Dive into a world where every call, irrespective of the scale or distance, is crystal clear. With Yealink’s W80B, the future of business communication isn’t just bright; it’s revolutionary.

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