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Why Yealink Phones, Why Euphoria Approved Phones?

Euphoria Telecom’s mission is to pioneer business communication solutions that results in quality strategic partnerships. This delivers high-technology performance and quality products for our existing clients. We continually gain knowledge and experience of the changing cloud telephony landscape so we can always offer the best advice and products to our clients.

When new communication devices are released into the market, our engineers evaluate and test its performance within our local IT infrastructure. We consider our clients’ requirements in the testing process as the end user’s needs and expectations determine if it will be well received or not. The reality is that not all phones work well in a Cloud PBX environment but our testing results show that Yealink voip phones out-performs most of the more expensive brands and is the most suitable brand for the SME sector. Yealink phones are well-designed, easy to use and reasonably priced; when our clients switch to Yealink, they are happier and more comfortable with the devices than before.

Since 2001, Yealink has been the forerunner in introducing VoiP phones to businesses with a large geographic footprint. These hi-tech VoIP devices include desk, reception, executive and cordless (DECT) versions.

Euphoria Telecom offers businesses an innovative small business communication service and recommends Yealink VoIP devices for the following reasons:

  • Progressive products based on cutting-edge technology that meets rigorous test standards.
  • Presence in 140 countries worldwide.
  • Established first-class international service network.
  • Highest quality products that deliver performance, i.e. high call clarity.
  • Lowest possible power consumption during standby, active calls or 3-way conferencing.
  • Ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Company 2013.
  • Won the Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award 2014 for the Yealink Ultra Elegant IP phone SIP T48G.

There are 6 Yealink phone options available from Euphoria Telecom:

  • Yealink T20P/T21P is a desk phone with multiple features, suitable for most users at R850 each.
  • Yealink T26P is a backlit screen 10 extension reception phone with the option of expanding.
  • Yealink T28P has a large backlit screen 10 extension reception phone with the option of expanding.
  • Yealink Executive T42G is a feature-rich executive phone for business.
  • Yealink Executive T46G is a feature-rich executive reception phone for business.
  • Yealink W52H/W52P is a feature rich DECT (Cordless) solution for business.

Euphoria Telecom’s cloud telephony service provides South African businesses a unique online management system with the following benefits:

  • A customer-centric service business that treats customers ethically and operates transparently.
  • A centralised and consolidated view of the business costs in real-time
  • Total control over, and customisation of, your PBX with scalable options
  • Technical expertise and on-going support that is affordable and reliable
  • Automated functionality means low resources and lower costs
  • Cloud-based system means no big PBX hardware (IT servers) onsite with ongoing maintenance costs
  • Detailed reporting that gives greater business understanding, empowering the SME business owner to make bottom-line impact decisions

We recommend to our clients to use approved Euphoria Telecom phones and to always purchase them from us directly as this allows us to service you better. We are able to configure the phones for the Cloud PBX environment immediately and the support team can access and update the phone without hassles or extra costs to you the client.

Euphoria Telecom is dedicated to provide high performance, cost effective telephone and PBX solutions that bring workflow and cost efficiencies to your business.

Euphoria Telecom. Pioneering Business Communications.

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