Cordless (Wireless) Headsets Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle

Cordless (Wireless) Headsets Yealink BT41 Bluetooth USB Dongle

  • Supports  Yealink SIP-T46G and SIP-T48G
  • Advanced AudioIQ2 technology cancels noise while retaining the natural sound of your voice.
  • Multipoint technology lets you pair and maintain connections with two devices.
  • 10m Range
  • Weight: 17.5 grams
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A Revolution in Cordless Communication

As the digital age continues its relentless march forward, the need for efficient, adaptable, and high-quality communication tools becomes even more paramount. Professionals across the globe seek out equipment that isn’t just functional but also enhances their daily operational efficiency. With the Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle, the realm of cordless communication just took a giant leap forward.

Boundless Freedom with the Cordless Advantage

Gone are the days when being on a call meant being tethered to a desk. The Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle offers the freedom of mobility. Supporting the renowned Yealink SIP-T46G and SIP-T48G, this dongle allows you to walk, talk, and multitask, all while maintaining crystal-clear communication. Whether you’re shifting from one conference room to another or simply stretching your legs, your calls remain uninterrupted and clear.

A New Era of Sound Clarity with Advanced AudioIQ2 Technology

But what’s mobility without clarity? The Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle is embedded with the groundbreaking Advanced AudioIQ2 technology. This tech marvel ensures that all the unnecessary background noises are effectively canceled out. What remains is the pristine, natural sound of your voice. This means even in bustling environments, your voice comes across as clear and comprehensible, ensuring productive communication.

Stay Connected with Multipoint Technology

In our multi-gadget world, often, professionals find themselves juggling between devices. The Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle, equipped with Multipoint technology, ensures you’re always connected. This feature enables you to pair and maintain connections with two devices simultaneously. So, whether it’s your laptop or your mobile, you remain seamlessly connected, always.

Expansive Range – Stay Connected from Afar

Distance can often be a hindrance when using wireless devices. However, with the Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle, you get an impressive 10m range. This extended range ensures that even if you’re a considerable distance away from the paired device, your calls remain clear and uninterrupted.

Lightweight and Efficient

At a feather-light 17.5 grams, the Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle ensures that you’re not weighed down. Its compact and lightweight design means you can easily carry it in your pocket, ready to be used whenever required.

In Conclusion

The Yealink BT41 Bluetooth USB Dongle is more than just a wireless connector; it’s a testament to how technology can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, making tasks easier and communication clearer. For professionals who are constantly on the move, this dongle is a game-changer.

It promises not just mobility but also the assurance of impeccable sound quality, ensuring that every word spoken is heard with clarity and precision. If you’re seeking a blend of cutting-edge technology, efficiency, and unparalleled sound quality in your communication tools, the Yealink Bluetooth USB Dongle is the answer. Embrace the future of cordless communication today!

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