Why hosted PBX systems work for hotels

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Want to know the benefits of using a Hosted PBX systems for hotels? The hotel and accommodation industry is beginning to return to normal following lockdown restrictions. And as bookings pick up, effective communication tools are vital. VoIP, cloud-based business phone solutions can serve both the hotel and its guests with a host of features that create a seamless communication experience, end-to-end. 

Cut costs in the short and long-term

Setting up a traditional phone system can be costly. There is more hardware to pay for upfront and extensive cabling needed in order to get the system up and running. A hosted PBX system system transmits calls via the internet, so there is less cabling needed. And with Euphoria’s fixed per-minute or per-second billing and free inter-branch calls, there is a long-term saving on call rates.  

Big on features

Euphoria’s VoIP, cloud-based business phone solution offers 200+ customisable features to choose from. With the virtual assistant feature, calls can be routed automatically. And calls can be made using a variety of devices, including laptop-based softphones, mobile devices (using a dedicated app), or IP phones. Mobile capability can even enable both staff and guests to make and receive calls on the go. 

Call recording and call monitoring make it easy to track employees’ performance. And detailed reporting allows you to monitor phone traffic, average call length and more. Plus, adding new extensions can be done quickly and with minimal effort. 

Reliable support

In the hospitality industry, phone downtime can cause frustration for guests and missed bookings. When a traditional phone line or on-premise PBX goes down, technicians are often required on site to resolve any issues. With a cloud-hosted PBX solution, support requests can generally be handled remotely and resolved within minutes, without the inconvenience or expense of having to wait for technicians to fix the problem or have support staff on-site.  

Welcome to the future of hospitality

Euphoria Telecom’s scalable VoIP systems are the perfect fit for accommodation providers – from B&Bs to towering luxury hotels, whether your property has two rooms or 500+. Choosing a PBX system that integrates with every part of your business, from the front desk to back office and restaurant to guests’ rooms, will bring your hospitality business into the future, where communication and productivity go hand-in-hand. Read more about our IP phones and equipment for reception or discover what the benefits are of using VoIP vs a normal phone service.


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