Who is using VoIP and why?

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Everybody’s talking about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). But what does it mean? Cloud-based VoIP PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) systems are the modern equivalent of the telephone switchboard. But they do so much more. To help demystify the concept, here are a few examples of how cloud-based VoIP solutions have completely changed the telephony game. 

The company line

Copper-base landlines are becoming increasingly less common in businesses nowadays. And in the case of bigger corporates, VoIP is already the standard. This is because VoIP telephony solutions are more cost effective to run and offer substantially more functionality than just telephony. 

No phone lines are needed; just a high-speed internet connection. And where landlines were limited to voice calls with minimal conferencing capability, a VoIP service enables seamless audio and virtual calling, too. 

Work on the go

Computers and mobile devices can be integrated into VoIP systems to facilitate video and/or audio conferencing. And if employees are not onsite, they can make calls via the VoIP exchange using their cell phones via a companion mobile application. 

By its very nature, VoIP is mobile. The system itself is in the cloud. So, it’s not limited by geography or cable length. Whether you are moving offices or have elected to have your staff work remotely, making your business telephone solutions accessible from anywhere is extremely easy. 

Call centres reimagined

Call centres don’t look like they used to. VoIP has taken them into the cloud too. And this has become extremely valuable in 2020, as many call centre agents are being forced to work remotely during lockdown

Using computers and telephone headsets, mobile devices or IP phones, call centres can now operate anywhere. VoIP / cloud-based telephone solutions offer additional call centre functionality, too – like detailed reporting, voice authentication, call recording, call queueing and time and attendance management tools for call centre staff, among other features. 

Any shape, any size

Euphoria delivers made-to-order, fully scalable VoIP solutions that can be tailored to homes or businesses of any size. Going the VoIP route can save money on the company phone bill, as it allows you to apply budget limits for each extension. 

Whether you run a modest start-up or a corporate giant with 1000+ employees, there is a VoIP solution just waiting to enhance your business communication capability. And if you haven’t harnessed the power of cloud-based VoIP yet, there’s no time like the present to remedy that. 

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