A PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) system is a privately-run telephone network that is used to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls and to communicate internally via extensions on the same network. 

In the long-gone days before digital, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems were not automated as they are today – hence the addition of the letter “A” in modern terminology. The offices of the past had to rely on human switchboard operators transferring calls to their intended destinations. 

Farewell to the operator

The rise of technology has made the old-fashioned switchboard operator redundant and VoIP, cloud-based PABX systems are fast becoming the global standard. Euphoria’s VoIP, cloud-based PABX system adds automated business telephone management into the mix. 

Now, rather than having a receptionist manually transferring calls, the process can be centralised and callers can make their selection using interactive voice response menus or automated voicemail. 

The mobile switchboard

PABX isn’t limited to a single location anymore. VoIP, cloud-based PABX systems can be accessed from anywhere, and on multiple devices. It’s not just the switchboard at work. It can also fit into the palm of your hand or your home office. All you need is a stable internet connection. 

No more upgrade headaches

An effective cloud-based PABX system will already include a few valuable feature upgrades to enhance your company’s communication capabilities. These include advanced reporting features, enhanced conferencing capabilities and seamless call forwarding. 

With a cloud-based PABX system, hardware upgrades are rarely needed. Most upgrades are software-based and take far less time than it would to upgrade a land-based network. Euphoria Telecom’s solutions are completely scalable, and extensions can be added and removed with minimal time and effort. 

Put your switchboard in the palm of your hand

PABX is not just a buzzword. It is the cornerstone of cost-cutting business communication in the automated world. And it’s available at the click of a mouse. Find your flexibility and mobility with a reliable PABX system – you’ll never look back.