VoIP for Business

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VoIP is changing the way we see business telephone systems and how we run our businesses. These days broadband is more affordable, thus VoIP is a

no-brainer choice as a business communication system, perfect for start-ups or established businesses which are focused on keeping overheads low and want agility in their business structure.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over the internet.  These calls are typically free or at a lower cost than landlines, and you can make or receive calls to and from anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

Your voice is converted into digital packets which are compressed and sent over the Internet to its destination. Upon arrival, the process is reversed and the recipient is able to hear your voice. For high quality calls you need to have a stable, clean Internet connection with enough broadband to accommodate the VoIP calls.

You can either use a hardware phone, which is a VoIP handset just like a landline telephone that plugs into your computer, or a softphone, where you make use of a headset or the computer’s microphone and speakers.

Why should you use VoIP?

1.  It will save you money

VoIP to VoIP there are no call charges aside from your broadband fees, and VoIP to landline costs are lower than landline to landline calls. If your business is new, it frees you from ever needing to install new phone lines. You can just use a suitable Internet connection, which is an efficient use of existing resources.

2.  It will improve productivity and business cost control

All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and you will have access to detailed reports for each extension from your desktop. This gives you day to day control of your communication costs, you can hold staff accountable and make provisions accordingly.

It also allows employees to be more efficient and productive as they can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world with just their computer and an internet connection.

3.  VoIP offers more features

You can easily add extensions to your phone from your computer and will have all the expected features like call forwarding, music on hold, call divert, etc. You are also able to set up a sophisticated answering service with multiple messages, depending on the day and time of day for example: a message that plays during lunchtime, another for public holidays or when you are closed over December break, etc.

4.  VoIP offers portability

If you have previously used a geographic landline, you are able to keep your existing number by porting it to Euphoria Telecom.

Every business should include VoIP as a cost efficient and professional communications tool. Euphoria is an experienced and leading supplier of VoIP technology. Contact us today to find out how VoIP can change the way you do business.

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