Top SA VoIP Providers for Small Companies

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The Best VoIP Providers in South Africa: Which Should You Pick? 

More affordable and functionally advanced, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are replacing conventional landlines in many South African companies. Should you jump the bandwagon and make the shift to VoIP telephone technology?  

All companies, big and small, can benefit from a VoIP phone system. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why VoIP is a good option for your company, and the best VoIP providers in South Africa that you can choose from. We’ll also guide you through the process of switching your phone system to VoIP, stress free! 

Is VoIP a Good Option for Small Businesses? 

Contemplating whether or not you need to make the shift to VoIP telephone technology? All companies, big and small, can benefit from a VoIP phone system. VoIP phone systems are a great fit for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Here’s why VoIP is the way to go: 

  • VoIP can be operational in hours as opposed to conventional landlines, which can take several weeks to set up.
  • VoIP uses your existing hardware such as ethernet cables, routers, computers and smartphones.  
  • VoIP offers more than just voice calls. This can include video conferencing, texting, faxing, call recording, and more.
  • VoIP is less congested than analogue phone lines. You can also add and remove telephone lines as needed. This helps you to manage your company’s telephone communication more effectively.
  • VoIP solutions may expand with small enterprises. Add or remove lines and get billed appropriately. It saves money.
  • VoIP is great for small enterprises without an IT staff. Your VoIP provider handles practically all Cloud PBX maintenance. Simply update your router.
  • VoIP often offers monthly subscriptions, which are easier on your business budget. 

The Top 3 Best VoIP Providers in South Africa 


The VoIP business phone system from Euphoria Telecom provides businesses with cutting-edge and dependable tech, easy-to-use and intuitive systems, and flexible packages for every business need. To learn more about their cloud VoIP and PBX software, click here. Or reach out to the team at Euphoria via their contact us page for a quote or demo.  


Vox isn’t just an Internet Service Provider (ISP), but also offers innovative communication and data business solutions. Companies that switch to Vox’s VoIP technology may reap benefits such as less expensive monthly phone system rates, scaling ability, simple setup, and plenty more features compared to analogue phone systems. Find out more about what Vox has to offer here

MTN Business 

MTN Business promises to provide businesses with superior VoIP phone systems and service delivery. Their VoIP service offering includes cheaper call prices, faster voice data across the MTN network, and fraud detection solutions.

How to Switch Your Business to a VoIP Phone System 

If you have been reluctant to migrate to VoIP because you have no clue where to start, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s actually a quick and simple process. 

In fact, migrating from landlines to VoIP is also simpler than ever, thanks to the number portability regulations released by ICASA that took effect on March 7, 2022; you can now switch service providers without needing to change your company’s 0800, 0860, or 087 number. 

The steps to switch to VoIP are as follows:

  • Choose the best VoIP service provider for your company or call centre.
  • Import phone numbers.
  • Users should then be added to your phone service. 
  • Create rules for call waiting, forwarding, and routing.
  • Integrate VoIP with apps.

For more detailed information on migrating your business phone system, talk to our team at Euphoria Telecom.  

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