The Best Call Centre Software Solutions in SA

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Choosing the Best Call Centre Software: Our Methodology 

You may be wondering what criteria or approach we used to choose what we consider to be the best call centre software solutions. So here’s a quick breakdown of our process:

Firstly, to make the cut, we looked at a few contact centre software essentials.  

We consider the following call centre software features essential:

  • Inbound and outbound calls 
  • Call recording
  • Automated and skills based call routing
  • Data reporting

Beyond the basics, we considered a few more advanced features, including contact centre solutions with AI-assisted bots as well as omnichannel support. We also looked at subscription fees, and providers offering  free trials, rewarding more points to those who provided upfront pricing or free trials.

The Best Call Centre Software Solutions

Without further delay, here is our selection of the best contact centre software solutions.


Five9’s contact centre platform provides 4 plans, each with incoming and outbound calls, call recording, and 24/7 support. The easy dashboard is like a compact CRM for your support staff to view customer calls, emails, and notes. Their top plans include analytics and process automation.

AI and machine learning-powered technologies are Five9’s specialty. Start building up your support channels to answer queries from a knowledge base, and an AI-assisted operator can transfer a caller to a live agent if it can’t answer a customer query.

While there’s no free trial option, and their subscription rates aren’t listed on the website, you can book a free demo with their sales team. 

Euphoria Telecom 

A call centre solution that gives you more than 200 features, including, remote agent monitoring, unbeatable customer service, affordable fees, and flexible subscriptions. 

With Euphoria’s call centre software, remote work is a breeze. Whether your personnel is scattered throughout various branches, working remotely, or a mix of the two, managing them is key to achieving your company objectives. TMS v3 makes this easy and effective. The built-in attendance and time capability shows you how teams are performing, wherever you are.

Prices start at R295 per month per extension. A detailed breakdown of their subscription fees and setup costs can be found here.  

RingCentral Contact Centre

RingCentral Contact Centre is a good option for managing a growing company’s call centre. They offer 4 tiers ranging from basic to more advanced features. They are pricier than many other options, with prices starting at between $150 and $170. Their top tier also doesn’t include all their features and are only available as add-ons, including analytics and a few integrations.

But a powerful call centre platform and ability to expand functionality with supported integrations arguably make up for the heftier fees. They are worth looking into for bigger companies who require CRM, help desk software, and open APIs to customise integrations. 

Call Centre Software by Euphoria Telecom

If you’re looking for a call centre software solution to boost your team’s productivity, without being locked into a long-term contract, Euphoria Telecom’s Contact Centre Solution is the way to go.

As one of South Africa’s top contact centre software providers, Euphoria can help you effectively manage your contact centre and improve productivity. Contact Us Here for more information about our available plans and assistance in choosing the best fit for your business.  

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