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UnClouding PBX

We care about costs as much as you do. There is no reason to pay more for your telephone bill than you need to. Cloud technology can enable your business to operate on a low-cost basis without compromising on the latest, customisable and cutting-edge communication technology.

Here is a quick ABC to understanding Cloud PBX:

A is for Affordable

All you need is VoIP-ready hand-sets and you are ready for Cloud PBX communications. A new physical PBX is not required to switch your business from a traditional PBX to a cloud-based telephone system. The only thing you need is a reliable Internet Connection.

Our low and transparent call rates with per second billing means immediate savings from day one. You also have immediate access to your call history reports from our Total Management System at any time. Now you can manage your costs directly from your desk!

B is for Business as Usual

When you choose a Cloud PBX from Euphoria, you get to use our user-friendly platform that makes it possible for you to manage your own PBX or you can request a support ticket from us for immediate action.

Should anything unplanned affect your capacity to conduct your business, you can continue from another location uninterrupted because your Cloud PBX resides in a secure data centre. Our secure data centre performs daily back-ups for your continuous peace of mind.

C is for Customer Service

When you submit an email request to, it automatically converts to a ticket. The minute this ticket is created, we start tracking it. You can check on the status of your ticket online and in real-time. Every action taken on your account is recorded, regardless of its current status. This is done so your request may be resolved quickly and it keeps us accountable to you on our service level commitment.

D is for Decision

There is no business or financial risks when you decide to move to Cloud PBX with Euphoria, plus you will receive an automatic upgrade of your communication and software. It’s our mission to keep our systems current, compatible and future-focused. No long-term contract needed; you may opt for a month-by-month service. Should you ever need to cancel your contract with us, we only need 30 days’ notice. We offer a prepaid payment option if you are reluctant to sign up by debit order. You can upscale or downscale virtual extensions, increase your call features or change your music while you wait – all from the comfort of your desk!

 E is for Euphoria

Euphoria offers open options, regardless of the size of your business:

Options (Vat exclusive) Euphoria Express Cloud PBX Euphoria Enterprise Cloud PBX
Business size Small to medium Large to global
Number of extensions Minimum of 5 extensions Minimum of 5 extensions
Cost per month R65 per extension R85 per extension
Once off PBX set-up fees R1,000 R2,500

When you choose Euphoria for your telephony communications, you are giving your business a competitive edge.

Euphoria is leading the way in cloud technology, sign up with us today and enable your business to stay ahead, well into the future.

Choose Euphoria to be your cloud communications company and give your business a head start.

Euphoria – Pioneering Business Communication 

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