Tech Startups to Coffee Companies are choosing Euphoria’s Cloud PBX

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From purveyors of coffee to tech start up companies breaking new ground.  Here is a look at why they are choosing Euphoria and how our business telephone system plays an integral part in their day to day operations.

The built in telephone management system allows our clients to manage the PBX’s high level functions and it’s day to day operations from wherever they are. Perfect for a business like Picup Technologies which delivers whatever, whenever, they offer a service which boasts features such as, being on-demand, simple and hassle free, so it makes perfect sense that they would expect the same calibre of features from their PBX.

Groupon breaks into new markets by identifying successful local businesses, what better company than Euphoria to provide them with a local and innovative business telephone system. For a fast paced call centre environment like theirs, our PBX is right at home with features which allow clients to optimize their queues by keeping an eye on call loads, wait times and agent responses, the system even allows for agent self-management, giving agents the ability to add themselves to busy queues and remove themselves from quiet ones. With an average of close to 500 calls per day, 800 during peak seasons like Christmas, there is no doubt that they require a PBX capable of working just as hard as they do.

When you’re busy cultivating a coffee which is described as ‘the best in the world’ there isn’t much time to fuss with your business telephone system which is why our system is loved by Truth, Rosetta, Bean There, and Caturra Coffee. It allows them to focus on what’s important to them, making great coffee, while we focus on what’s important to us, providing our customers with a world class communications solution.

Other budding companies using Euphoria Cloud PBX are SA Florist (featured on Dragon’s Den), Dream Mobile, 7 days, SolarXGen, Yumbi, Wumdrop, iFeedback, Eleven Past and many others.

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