Euphoria & MS Teams: Easy Teamwork

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Euphoria Telecom has officially added Microsoft Teams integration to its full-service VoIP, cloud-hosted business telephony platform.

This makes communication even more seamless for anyone looking to integrate call, chat and collaboration functionality into one easy “work from anywhere” communication solution.

Business is becoming increasingly digital and the words “integrated communication” are more meaningful now than they have ever been.

Euphoria Telecom is putting integrated communication into action by adding Microsoft Teams to its ever-growing offering of third-party software enhancements that bring the office to you.

Euphoria Telecom already offers a powerful, cloud-hosted PABX solution that caters to businesses of all sizes with its scalable telephony packages.

While Microsoft Teams does have PABX functionality, it is limited.

This integration allows Microsoft Teams users to get critical features like call queues, reporting and analytics, and a selection of other remote communications features that the Euphoria platform provides – all while working in Microsoft Teams.

Team Integration adds a new dimension to calls.

With Euphoria and Microsoft Teams integrated into your communications toolkit, you can now make calls straight out of the Microsoft Teams interface, the same way you would make a call using the Euphoria mobile app or browser phone.

Microsoft Teams and Euphoria’s partnership brings added productivity tools, video conferencing integration, cost-savings and the added benefit of detailed reporting, with itemised billing and reduced local and international call rates, without having to use two separate systems.

With work increasingly becoming something you do, not somewhere you go, integrated communication is seamlessly connecting people, particularly for businesses with call centres.

Euphoria is also integrating other useful third-party software offerings into its platform, like the Freshworks’ digital ticketing solution Freshdesk earlier this year, and there are several more to come.

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