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Make our Euphoria your Euphoria

Personalise by choice, not necessity

You’ll never have to customise anything you don’t want to, but if you do like to put own stamp on things, we’ve given you all the tools you can dream of, and made them easy as pie to use.

Assign access & permissions with user profiles

Our hunt lists can scan your entire network, across branches and even cities, to find available agents to answer an incoming call. Both landlines and cell phones can be added to hunt lists, so you can take your office with you, wherever you go.

Specify extension attributes

Give your extensions individual names and caller IDs, and assign it to extension groups for cost-tracking purposes. You can set up unique greetings for each extension’s voicemail box as well.

Create, store & manage your own media

Create your own voice recordings using your handset, or add pre-recorded music or audio files from your computer. It’ll be stored in your Euphoria Media Library to be used in your digital receptionist’s menus, music on hold, and customer announcements. Chop and change whenever you like.

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