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1. Help out, listen in or take part

Help out, listen in or take part

The Real Time Call Monitor gives you three participation options, letting you listen in, help out, or participate in any call your agents are handling – all from the comfort of your own desk. Training new call-centre staff has never been easier.

Monitor the health of your system

View the status and activity of every extension in your entire system in an instant. A quick glance at the extension monitor and you’ll know exactly who’s online, offline, on hold, or away.

1. Help out, listen in or take part
OPtimise system

Simplified billing and accounts

All your account details, invoices and statements are available online at all times. They’re backed up in the cloud, so they’ll never get lost, and are searchable, downloadable and easy to read.

Encourage agent

Give your agents the ability to add themselves to busy queues, remove themselves from quiet ones, or pause for specified reasons like tea breaks. They’ll be able to check the status of their queues at any time and make sure they’re active when and where they’re needed.

Euphoria system

Restrict dialing to prevent abuse

With our built-in TMS you’ll be able to manage both your PBX’s high-level functions and day-to-day operations from wherever you are, at no extra cost. Detailed reports, real-time monitoring, call tracking, and trend data are just a few of the tricks up the sleeve of our TMS.

Pin-activated dialling and hot-desking

Keep accurate records of exactly who’s calling who, no matter which extension they use. By entering a unique user pin code before dialling, every call is assigned to an individual, and accountability is unquestionable.

Euphoria system

Personalise by choice, not necessity

Record calls from any extension, to be stored in the cloud as long as you need it. Recordings are backed up and their authenticity verified, keeping it 100% safe and admissible in court. You can also flag recordings for attention and tag it with written notes, making it useful training and quality-control tools as well.

Centrally control and provision your hardware

No more time-consuming, on-site setups. Euphoria lets you provision all your phone settings and extension assignments remotely. You can even set up custom hardware feature templates, making it as easy to provision a hundred handsets as it is to provision one.

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