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Euphoria system

Create your own Digital Receptionist

Set up as many interactive voice response menus as you like. You can record your own messages, and choose your own handling. Our digital receptionist answers perfectly, every time.

Create hunt lists that span branches or even cities

Our hunt lists can scan your entire network, across branches and even cities, to find available agents to answer an incoming call. Both landlines and cell phones can be added to hunt lists, so you can take your office with you, wherever you go.

Euphoria system

Get the most from your queues

Tailor your digital receptionist to fit your needs precisely. Equip your queues with their own music and customer announcements, and assign queue-specific call distribution strategies to maximise efficiency and minimise wait times.

Tag incoming calls for
hassle-free PBX sharing

Give your agents the ability to add themselves to busy queues, remove themselves from quiet ones, or pause for specified reasons like tea breaks. They’ll be able to check the status of their queues at any time and make sure they’re active when and where they’re needed.

Euphoria system

Streamline night & day call-handling

Activate night-time call handling manually as you leave the office, or set your system to swap between night and day automatically at specific hours. Each phone number you have can be set individually to be manually activated or time based.

Forward calls anywhere

Calls can be forwarded to any number, anywhere, worldwide. A combination of local and international call-forwarding can even be used to circumvent expensive international cell phone roaming fees.

Euphoria system

Extend your voicemail functionality

Record calls from any extension, to be stored in the cloud as long as you need it. Recordings are backed up and their authenticity verified, keeping it 100% safe and admissible in court. You can also flag recordings for attention and tag it with written notes, making it useful training and quality-control tools as well.

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