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Our built-in TMS provides extra insight, at no extra cost

See who your staff are calling

You’ll never have to customise anything you don’t want to, but if you do like to put own stamp on things, we’ve given you all the tools you can dream of, and made them easy as pie to use.

See who’s been calling you

Incoming call logs show the caller ID of the person who has phoned you, as well as which of your numbers they chose to dial. This not only shows your most popular point of contact, but can also highlight problem clients who might need extra attention.

Assess your call costs

Outgoing call costs can be viewed by extension, or group of extensions, so you’ll be able to tell exactly which users and departments are costing you the most. You can even export the data into your own spreadsheets, giving you the flexibility to use the information in any way you like.

Predict peak activity periods

With detailed records of incoming call volumes every day of the week and hour of the day, you can effectively predict your busiest times, to ensure that you have all hands on deck during peak periods, and aren’t over-staffed when it’s quiet.

Know the status of your call queues

With Euphoria’s call queue analytics, you can see all the performance details of your queues, including wait times, response times, queue lengths and peak activity periods. Updated in real-time, this can be invaluable in terms of optimising operations and heading off problems before they reach critical points.

Assess the performance of your agents

The Euphoria TMS provides detailed reports on the activity of each extension assigned to a queue, throughout the day. View the number of calls received versus the number of calls answered, as well as average call lengths and total call times. It’s a great tool for assessing productivity and encouraging a healthy work ethic.

See the exact experience each caller has

Route logs trace incoming calls as they run through your system, recording everything from the number the caller initially dialled, to their wait times, transfers, and conversation lengths. You can even see who put down the phone at the end of the call. There’s never been an easier way to pinpoint bottlenecks in your system, or frustrations your clients may face.

Analyse your data

The TMS not only helps control and track your system’s activity, it helps you analyse it too. Incoming and outgoing call trends and costs, agent performance, and detailed customer experience information is all at the tip of your fingers.

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