Want to keep your existing IP PBX phone systems and phones but lower your calling costs? We can help.

If you’ve already got a long-term commitment to your IP or Analogue PBX and you are spending at least R3000 a month in phone service, you might be looking for ways to lower all your calling costs—without replacing your phone system or phones.

Keep your IP PBX. Save on Your Phone Calls.

With Euphoria SIP Trunking you save money on local, long distance, and international calling.

  • Lower your overall calling costs
  •  Keep your existing phone system and telephones
  •  Keep your current phone numbers
  • Enjoy unlimited free calling between branches

If you require more than 8 simultaneous calls, learn about the impressive ViBE solutions here.

With Euphoria SIP Trunking, you can still use the IP PBX you’re with, while loving the savings you get on your calling costs from Euphoria.

Euphoria SIP Trunking

Euphoria SIP Trunking is a broadband agnostic, business-class voice solution that offers great savings on local, long distance and international calling to companies that have already made the move to an IP-enabled phone system. Enhance your SIP-enabled phone system with Euphoria’s world-class SIP Trunk dial tone service which provides lower costs and unlimited lines.