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Smarter Phone Solutions for eCommerce with VoIP

Is your eCommerce business still using traditional landlines? If so, then it may be time to revisit your communication methods and approach. A VoIP phone system change can be quite advantageous if you want to boost your company’s eCommerce activities. 

A reliable, reasonably priced phone system is one of the greatest assets any eCommerce can have. That’s why it’s critical to research your options carefully and choose a provider that will ultimately provide a seamless experience for both you and your clients. 

When revising your communication methods and approach, there is much to consider. A VoIP phone solution may help your eCommerce in many ways. The three main factors that drive the transition from traditional to VoIP telephony solutions are speed, dependability, and affordability.

What Does VoIP Mean?

Before we get started on the “why” let’s clarify what the word “VoIP” means.

Modern business phone systems that replace conventional landlines often employ Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. What does this mean? 

It simply refers to audio calls that happen between two online-connected devices. Users may communicate online from anywhere in the globe. VoIP offers a ton of great capabilities that may boost the success of your eCommerce company, iIncluding three-way calling, electronic faxing, visual conferences, call forwarding, and much more. 

Why VoIP? 

VoIP is transforming how individuals do business in a variety of ways. While this form of telephony is appropriate for almost any company, eCommerce companies stand to benefit the most from it. Let’s have a look at how a VoIP phone system can enhance eCommerce operations.

​​Improve Client Service

E-commerce stores can operate 24 hours a day since they are online. As a result, consumers can buy anytime. What if you have a tiny team? When nobody answers the phone, it’s a problem.

E-commerce companies require a flexible solution that offers the illusion of personnel working in one place. VoIP enables teams to operate from anywhere. Employers may recruit workers in multiple time zones, improving coverage. Your company will provide 24/7 customer assistance. Local prefixes are available to businesses. This gives the appearance of a single place. This provides a fantastic consumer experience, along with additional advantages. 

Save Money 

VoIP phone solutions are much more affordable than conventional landline rates, freeing up funds for other company needs. Not utilising analogue phone lines cuts costs by providing more affordable line rentals, free wifi calling, reduced call charges, cheaper international calls, and cheaper operations. Telephone expenditures may be a substantial part of operational costs, and savings can be big when switching to VoIP. 

Integrated Tech

In an omnichannel era, VoIP enables you to sync your entire business by seamlessly integrating with other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoho, and Zendesk. Synchronised communication offers real-time engagement, unlike asynchronous communication. Asynchronous communication includes emails and forum posts. Synchronised communication provides instant feedback and clarity. Retailers must be consistent with additional communication channels. Consumers want individualised and consistent online experiences across devices and platforms.


VoIP lets you answer calls from anywhere. No desk phone is needed. This is plausible, however. You may relay calls to your cell or landline and utilise a desktop or laptop to make or receive calls. This allows remote or homework. VoIP and video conferencing avoided a huge work disruption during COVID-19. While many firms closed, e-commerce employing VoIP technology adapted to home-working teams.

Grow Your eCommerce Business with VoIP

The ability to connect with clients on a global scale is crucial for eCommerce companies. This may be quite costly when using a standard landline setup. Businesses are becoming more and more aware of the affordability and dependability advantages of VoIP features. Your contact centre will perform better, your customer happiness will rise, and you can accommodate a remote workforce by moving your corporate communications to the cloud.

With over 200 features and the ability for staff to operate virtually from anywhere in the globe, Euphoria Telecom’s eCommerce Cloud-based PABX and VoIP Solutions is the ideal choice for any e-commerce company, offering a steady and dependable channel for internal and external communication.

A cloud-based PABX system will also develop with the company, adjusting to the requirements of staff, clients, and suppliers. You may add or delete features from your system at any moment, including automatic call back, call logs, call forwarding, call hold and return, call transfer, voice mail, and many more.

Employees can speak with one another for free through the internet connection they already have for work utilising any of a broad selection of VoIP handsets and VoIP phones, a browser phone, or the Euphoria Mobile App with Euphoria hosted PABX.

Interested in learning more? We’re just a click away.  Or contact us for a quote.  

Head on over to Euphoria’s blog for everything you need to know about business telephone and contact centre solutions. 

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