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Switching to a VoIP, cloud-based business telephone solution makes business sense for quite a few reasons. And as 2020 draws to a close, Euphoria Telecom is making the switch even more worthwhile with its Call Buster year-end savings special.

2020 has been a challenging year for organisations in every industry sector and businesses of all sizes. Cutting costs has become a top priority universally, and moving to a Euphoria cloud-based VoIP telephony system today can set your business up to save costs for the whole of 2021, with a great per-second mobile call rate included in the package.

Why VoIP?

VoIP is more affordable, convenient and flexible than a landline. When you switch to a VoIP, cloud-based business telephone solution, you can still make and receive calls to and from landlines. But the system transmits calls over the internet using a desk-based handset, a softphone on your laptop or an app on your mobile phone.

Because the system is cloud-based, you don’t need as many cables or as much hardware. Just invest in the devices you’ll be using on the network. These will either plug in via a LAN cable or operate wirelessly.

Cloud-hosted PBX systems are fully scalable, meaning you only pay for the services you need. And with Euphoria’s solution, you can connect anything from three to 1000+ employees to the network. There are no long-term subscriptions and because calls are made via the internet, you save on call costs at low, fixed per-minute or per-second rates, and make free calls between your branches.

Save in 2021 and beyond

Sign up for Euphoria’s Call Buster Year-End Savings Special and you get December and January’s core services for FREE, plus per-second billing and super low call rates. Mobile call rates generally range from around 79c to R 2.50 per minute. Euphoria’s Call Buster rate is just 29c per-minute.

With a VoIP, cloud-based business telephone solution from Euphoria, you can cut costs and boost productivity following a challenging 2020. Moving your telephony into the cloud means you can work more flexibly, from anywhere you have an internet connection. And in today’s business climate, where flexibility is a must, added mobility means added value. The Euphoria system has full remote working capabilities.

Take advantage of the Call Buster Year-End Savings Special and let cloud-based telephony keep your business in touch at affordable rates. Euphoria also offers hundreds of other optional value-added features to boost your workflow and operational efficiency.

Euphoria’s solutions offer call centres, corporates, SMMEs and even home-based businesses personalised telephony with no long-term subscriptions and reliable, professional support. Join 4000+ happy customers across South Africa and choose the best possible communication solution for your business today.

Contact Euphoria on 087 094 5999 to take advantage of this special Call Buster offer now. Quote the promo phrase ‘Call Buster’ when you call in to get the deal. Alternatively you can enquire directly here.

*Call costs, Vibe, internet connectivity and any other third-party services not offered directly by Euphoria are not included.

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