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Affordable cloud technologies empower businesses to take control of costs without the heavy administration burden, says John Woollam, director at Euphoria Telecom.

The cloud has brought about massive cost savings and increased profits for many businesses. Euphoria Telecom’s intelligent cloud-based call management software makes it possible to save between 30% to 40% on calls and more than 50% on the monthly PBX spend.

Euphoria Telecom director John Woollam says most companies are still unaware of their operational inefficiencies and it could mean the end for many businesses in today’s challenging economic environment. “Without accurate information, it is nearly impossible for any business to address these inefficiencies and, more importantly, to manage expenses.”

He says although it represents one of the largest operational expenses, most businesses have a very informal approach to telecoms expenses. “Management is constantly pressed to optimise expenditure in this area. In order to do so, management should have the ability to quickly and effectively see cost reporting across the organisation.”

Modern, affordable cloud technologies empower businesses to take control of costs without the heavy administration burden, and it also allows them to make informed decisions. Euphoria provides insights, reports and transparency that will immediately improve efficiency of communications in any business.

Euphoria is an innovative, cloud-based, cost-effective business telephone system that offers unprecedented control and automated operational efficiency. Euphoria’s built-in Telephone Management System (TMS) provides insight into the business. Companies can now assess their call costs and determine exactly which users and departments are costing them the most.

Cloud business communications solutions eliminate the need for costly start-up and ongoing capital expenses. It also frees up limited IT resources for more strategic initiatives.

With Euphoria’s cloud PBX, there is no hardware. This means there is no hardware to upgrade in order to take advantage of new features and technologies. Upgrades are provided through software changes that happen automatically in the background.

Woollam says, unlike traditional PBX systems that are pure capital expense (capex), SaaS is a 100% tax deductible operational expense (opex). “With cloud, you don’t have to invest in hardware for the future or upgrade as you grow; there is no hardware, so you can scale as you grow. Why pay for what you don’t need? With cloud, you only pay for what you need at any point in time.”

Euphoria Telecom offers its customers full control and reporting over their telephone system, an easy-to-use Web interface allows them to configure the system to their specific requirement. The automation functionality of the cloud-based system means lower costs and higher efficiencies, while giving business owners direct access and agility to respond to changing demands.

Euphoria offers a true cloud PBX platform with all the associated and expected flexibility and scalability. Customers only pay for what they need; they can pick and choose modules as they require them and this can be changed at any time as the business grows.

“Cloud is 100% flexible, you can have as many extensions as you need and change this whenever you want. This system results in a far more efficient use of your financial resources by being infinitely scalable and accommodating,” Woollam adds.

Euphoria will help business leaders manage, control and analyse every element of their telephone system with precision. It provides all the communication features needed to keep business moving forward, no matter where or when.

By John Woollam for Euphoria Telecoms Johannesburg, 05 Mar 2019

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