Our Integration with Salesforce

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Euphoria Telecom and Salesforce have created a formidable partnership that will add business intelligence and value for our customers in sales and CRM related fields. We pride ourselves on pioneering cloud telephony solutions to improve business efficiencies and this partnership is another step towards that goal. The integration between Euphoria Telecom and Salesforce is a seamless and user-friendly process.

Partnering with Salesforce is a natural fit for us due to their international reputation as a leading and trusted CRM company. They have been rated ‘Most Innovative Company’ by Forbes (2011-2013) and they are as customer focused as we are at Euphoria Telecom.

The benefits of the partnership between Euphoria Telecom and Salesforce are:

  • It easily integrates with our Integrator PBX package.
  • It can be installed on any system run by Windows 7 or 8.
  • A sales opportunity can be acted upon by simply clicking the dial button on your customer profile screen.
  • During a sales call, notes can be logged on the customer account to keep record of what was discussed.
  • All calls are automatically logged and calling actions are recorded against the agent and customer’s account.
  • Calls can be recorded if our clients select this additional option with their service.
  • It functions as one automated system – no need to navigate between two systems or screens.

A significant amount of time is saved with this system as all calling actions are recorded and other administrative functions have been streamlined. When you use our integrated system; you will have more time to focus on selling, closing deals and providing a more efficient customer service.

Our dashboard is accessible and designed to provide you with optimum control over your costs and to monitor the number of sales calls against sales targets made per day or month. This system also provides anytime access to the operations and business intelligence of your company through the TMS (Telephone Management System) which enables you to make immediate decisions that may affect your budget and daily service levels.

Euphoria. Pioneering Business Communications.

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