PABX phone systems is a private automatic branch exchange. In analogue terms, this is a box that sits at your reception desk, receiving calls from the outside world and directing them throughout your office, and in turn taking calls you make out into the broader telephone network.

A cloud-based VoIP PABX system is an entirely different prospect, however. This is a digital telephone solution that is hosted and run by a service provider, like Euphoria, on a cloud platform and uses Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to enable calls to be made across the internet. 

Euphoria Telecom provides locally developed and supported VoIP cloud-based PABX systems to its clients, which they can access from anywhere they have a quality internet connection. 

VoIP cloud-based PABX systems enable companies to be flexible and scalable in that they allow people to work from wherever they need to, and in that it is easy to add or remove extensions as a company’s needs change. 

Upgrades are facilitated by software – as the entire system is software-based – and can be done during business downtime to minimise disruption. Additionally, no extra hardware or other outlay is required to upgrade a system, or add another branch, or more extensions, for example. Some companies may prefer to use VoIP handsets, but Euphoria also offers a mobile and a browser phone, meaning no hardware is needed at all. Internet connectivity is required and connections may need to be upgraded, although Euphoria recommends running a separate connection for voice to ensure optimal quality of calls.

A good VoIP cloud-based PABX system will enable you to manage your business more efficiently because of the control and reporting it provides, as well as save you costs, and the time and trouble involved in maintaining hardware equivalents. What are you waiting for?