On-premise PBX vs hosted PBX systems – which is better for your business?

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When choosing the right PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone system for your business, there is generally a choice of two options: a cloud-based (hosted), VoIP PBX or an on-premise PBX. But what is the difference between the two and how do you choose? As digital communication continues to evolve during the pandemic, a standout winner is emerging.  

What’s the big difference between hosted and on-site PBX systems? 

An on-premise PBX system is housed on the company premises, and all calls and software operate via a server that is maintained on-site. This would usually require an on-site maintenance team or contractors to maintain the server. 

A cloud-hosted PBX system is hosted on the internet and maintained by an external service provider – like Euphoria Telecom. And as the system is cloud-based, rather than routed through a terrestrial server, there is no need for a maintenance team on call. 

The pros and cons

Due to the amount of hardware needed to run on-premise PBX systems, setup costs are higher. And ongoing maintenance is the responsibility of the company. Plus, as your business grows, the hardware may need to be upgraded to service additional users. While on-premise PBX systems do give you full control of your telephony, the setup cost and ongoing management of the system can be prohibitive – especially for small-to-medium businesses. 

A hosted PBX system costs less to set up. And implementation of new features is in the hands of the VoIP service providers. Adding or removing users can generally be done in a matter of seconds. And in a time when remote working is extremely common, cloud-hosted PBX systems are easy to move around, and able to support multiple devices in various remote locations. Read more on the benefits of using VoIP vs a normal phone service here.

And the winner is? 

A VoIP, cloud-hosted PBX system from Euphoria requires less hardware, as there is no physical server needed. A choice of devices can easily be used to make calls via the cloud-based system – including a softphone on your laptop, mobile devices (enabled by an app) or desk-based handsets like Yealink phones. 

In a world that is connecting more readily from afar, an off-premise, hosted PBX system is a standout choice that is more affordable, more practical and supports working from anywhere. 

No subscriptions, no technicians

Euphoria Telecom’s scalable, hosted PBX solutions are fully customisable and ready to grow with your business. And you won’t need to employ any technicians or IT support staff on your premises. Euphoria will handle it all for you as most queries can be attended to remotely. With Euphoria, there are also no long-term subscriptions and you can choose from 200+ optional features to enhance your workflow. Are you ready to do your telephony the smart way yet?


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