Hosted PBX for hospitals – supporting healthcare during the pandemic

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With healthcare providers under immense strain during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective communication and emergency contact systems at hospitals and clinics are crucial. The VoIP, cloud-hosted PBX for hospitals from Euphoria Telecom offers a versatile communication solution that is both effective and affordable in the healthcare environment. 

Healthy communication

In the world of healthcare, communication can be a matter of life or death. The quicker calls can be routed to their intended recipient, unhindered and uninterrupted, the better. A VoIP, cloud-hosted business phone solution empowers medical professionals to communicate seamlessly, whether they are at their desks or on the go on their mobile phones.  

A VoIP system helps doctors, medical staff and patients stay in touch, no matter where they are. In the event of a doctor or specialist needing to isolate, for example, calls can still be routed to their mobile device using a dedicated app and consultations can be conducted remotely. 

Cloud-based phone solutions also come with added productivity tools that traditional phone systems don’t have. Agents can communicate using a variety of integrated channels in their workspace, instantly verifying and accessing patient information using their built-in dashboard tools. 

Depending on the query an incoming caller needs to resolve – be it an emergency, a payment query or simply to book and appointment – the virtual receptionist will prioritise the call and route it based on automatic prompts. This speeds up the communication process, freeing up agents or receptionists to resolve more complicated queries in need of a human touch. 

Keeping the lifelines open

Whether you run a small medical practice with two to three lines or a large hospital with 1000 or more, adding new extensions is quick and easy. And with a cloud-hosted system, the network doesn’t rely on extensive cabling or an internal server, so downtime is less likely. 

Downtime can potentially be catastrophic in a healthcare environment. When a traditional phone line or on-premise PBX goes down, on site technicians may be needed to resolve any issues. With a cloud-hosted PBX solution, support requests can be handled remotely and resolved in minutes.  

Dial up big savings

Traditional phone system set up costs can be prohibitive. Often, extensive cable needs to be run and phone hardware is needed at every desk, which also adds to the cost. A hosted, cloud-based PBX system makes and receives calls via the internet, so there is less cabling required as your network cabling can be used. Provided the hospital’s internet connection is stable, calls can be made using a variety of devices, including a softphone interface on a desktop or a mobile phone, via an app. 

Cloud-based healthcare made affordable and easy 

Taking your healthcare practice or hospital’s telephony into the cloud with Euphoria’s hosted PBX for hospitals is more affordable and offers a choice of over 200 integrated features that are guaranteed to make your communication more effective, inside and out. This is why the world of healthcare is fast embracing digital communication, making care more accessible than ever before. 

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