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Your Hosted Call Centre Solution

If you have a customer service department, a telesales team, or a technical support department, you already know that the old-school call centres require a huge up-front capital investment in on-site hardware and software. At Euphoria, we do it differently.

Forget the big hardware and software fees

With Euphoria’s Call Centre Solution, we take the software-as-a-service or hosted approach which allows you to immediately launch your call centre for a low monthly fee with no hardware expense (except phones), and no implementation or maintenance team to hire.

  • It’s fast and easy to implement.
  • Your sales or support agents can be located anywhere you need them to be.
  • Use its advanced features to route inbound callers quickly and appropriately

With Euphoria, you can turn your call centre into a productivity centre that gets better results from your agents.


Euphoria’s Call Center is a hosted call center solution that delivers greater agent productivity and flexible call center management, at a fraction of the cost of traditional call center solutions. The Euphoria’s Call Centre works with Euphoria’s VoIP phone service to give you an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful call centre.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Deploy a World-Class Call Centre

  • Low start-up costs, low monthly fees—Implement with no hardware (except phones) to install or manage, just one low monthly fee.
  • Advanced call center features—Empower your team with advanced capabilities like skills-based routing, multimedia queuing, and real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Your agents, anywhere— Unite local and remote agents under one virtual call center. All information is routed through our hosted call center application, so you can establish routing rules and agent groups without limiting you to a single physical location.
  • Get started quickly—Deploying a call center is now fast and easy; our jump-start program gets you up and running fast.
  • Change is good—Configure your call center or make changes on the fly, without any assistance from your IT department. If you have a telesales group, a technical support help desk, or a customer service department, we have a solution for your business.

Euphoria Complete Call Centre Benefits

  • Route callers to the agent with the right skills—Customize and use Euphoria’s queue to quickly route customers to the most appropriately skilled agents, reducing the number of times customers are transferred. Callers will never feel “lost” or talk to someone who cannot help them.
  • Improve your customer service— Online real-time reports, use the training tools, whisper and barge in, to quickly get new agents up to speed.
  • Start immediately—Start taking calls in as little as 72hours. Euphoria’s fast track setup program gets your call centre up and running quickly. Euphoria Complete Call Centre requires no hardware, software, or technical team to run the call centre.
  • Simplify operations—Changes are simple and easy so can you spend time on customer service, not on call centre configuration.
  • Grows with you—No need to pay for more seats than you need. Start small and grow with Euphoria’s scalable solution and the pay-as-you-grow pricing model.
  • Use a distributed workforce—Employ at-home agents. Use multiple locations. No matter how spread out your workforce is, your Euphoria call centre functions as seamlessly as a single entity.
  • Security—Through the use of professional data centre facilities, encryption protocols, and world-class security procedures, Euphoria provides higher security levels than most traditional on-premise solutions.
  • Call recording and recording – Euphoria offers a complete call logging and recording solution, All calls are recorded offsite in our cloud infrastructure, they are securely stored seachable and accessible online.
  • API (Application Programming Interface) – Euphoria offers an API to integrate custom scripts into CRM or other proprietary software applications.

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