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“We were faced with the problem of the usual fixed lines and we just lucked onto Euphoria. And it solved that problem for us.”

  • Truth Coffee Roasting specialises in selecting and roasting the world’s best coffees. The iconic steampunk restaurant is located in Cape Town’s Buitenkant Street and supplies coffee to customers all over the world. 

    “We’ve been with Euphoria either from our beginning or Euphoria’s beginning, I forget which it is,” says Founder Dave Donde, “but we were faced with the problem of the usual fixed lines and we just lucked onto Euphoria. And it solved that problem for us, where all we needed was an internet connection and we were up and running.

    For Truth, the cost saving was dramatic and immediate and having a hosted PBX system that was easily configurable through a back end that the team could control was life changing. “It’s helped us be able to cope with scale, both expansion and contraction. It works beautifully,” Donde says.

    Borderless hosted PBX

    “The tech aspect of what we do is critical to our operations,” says Group Operations Manager Ken Walton, “and Euphoria plays a big part in it. Using the Telephone Management System (TMS) is probably one of the aspects of Euphoria that I personally love the most. I find it so simple. I log into the TMS, I know, for example, that that particular person only needs to dial Namibia. So I have all international dialling blocked out, I add Namibia and it’s done.

    “What I also love,” Walton says, “is the fact that dealing with support, is that they’ve been really good at teaching me how to use the TMS. And it’s simple enough to use, that normally, I just remember, oh, that’s how to do it, and go ahead, make the change and it’s done.

    “You can have it set up quickly and that you can make those changes that you need, so that  you can customise it for your business, the way you want it and there’s really no boundaries.”

    “Truth has been built on maintaining customers not through contractual relationships,” says David Donde, “but through the ability to provide a service that somebody wants and having a supplier that works on the same basis as us, is the way life should be, and thank you, Euphoria, for having the same philosophy.”

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