Going remote is easy with a VoIP cloud-based PBX. Here’s what you need to know…

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The world of work has undergone dramatic changes in 2020. For many companies, at least some of that change will be permanent, with at least part of the workforce working remotely some or all of the time. 

Keeping your employees and customers connected is key, no matter where they are. A VoIP cloud-based PBX system can help. Here’s how:

  • Stay connected – as long as your employees have quality internet connectivity, they can access your VoIP cloud-based PBX. This means they can work wherever they are, whenever they need to, effortlessly staying in touch with colleagues and customers. 

Euphoria Telecom enables extensions to be rerouted easily, employees can use a VoIP handset, the mobile app or Euphoria’s browser phone to connect to the VoIP system, and the destination of incoming calls can be changed at the toggle of a switch. This makes it easy for your administrators to manage how employees and customers access your business telephone system. Euphoria’s PBX also enables virtual conferencing, which is an essential feature for dispersed teams.

  • Save on it – Cloud-based VoIP PBX systems like Euphoria’s allow companies to save costs by reducing the number of physical branches a company needs, and connecting those branches to each other at no cost. Employees, meanwhile, can save on travel, commute time, wear and tear on vehicles, and other expenses involved with having to work in a fixed location.
  • Keep tracking – Whether it’s business unusual, the new normal, or business as usual, you need to be on top of how your teams are performing. Euphoria’s Telephone Management System (TMS) can help you monitor Contact Centre agent time and attendance. Agents can log into the Agent Workspace remotely, so you can easily keep tabs on how they’re tracking against SLAs. Outside of the call centre, you can monitor average call lengths, total call times, get detailed reports, real time monitoring, call tracking and trends data.

Businesses today need to be flexible, agile and mobile if they are to stay on top in such a dynamic market. Having a telephone solution that supports this is no longer a nice to have, it’s an absolute essential.

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