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Euphoria Telecom’s full-service VoIP, cloud-hosted business telephony platform has added another valuable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to its integrated third-party software offerings.

Zoho CRM is the industry’s first context-aware help desk.

This omnichannel customer service software platform is specifically designed to boost your call centre agents’ productivity and transform your customer service efforts for the better.

Zoho is the latest addition to Euphoria’s growing selection of integrated platforms that put customer service first.

Other integrated products include Microsoft Teams, Freshworks’ digital ticketing solution Freshdesk and Zendesk’s CRM software.

What does Zoho CRM mean for Euphoria and Zoho’s customers?

If you are already a Zoho Support Suite customer, you can embed your Euphoria extension into the Zoho interface.

This means contact information will automatically be pulled up when you call a customer or a customer calls you.

As soon as an agent starts typing the customer’s name or number, the system will automatically search for a contact.

If it finds one, it will instantly pull up the customer’s profile, allowing the agent to open it, read notes and access the customer’s full history with your business.

Any information related to your customer calls will also be pulled into Zoho under the customer profile.

For example, any previous calls with the customer will reflect, with a link to past call recordings.

The best part about Zoho CRM integration is that it gives your teams a single user interface where they can access all of the high-level PABX functionality Euphoria delivers, combined with Zoho’s top-class CRM features.

Why CRM integration matters

Integration of third-party technologies like Zoho CRM, MS Teams, Freshworks, Freshdesk and Zendesk take the stress out of communication and customer relationship management for call centre agents.

Every call experience is streamlined for Euphoria’s customers, which makes customer satisfaction more likely every time.

According to Zendesk’s 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report, the stakes are getting higher for businesses in terms of customer satisfaction.

Eighty percent of people surveyed said they would take their business to a competitor after more than one bad customer service experience.

Customers are becoming more demanding, and excellent service is the singular competitive differentiator that could help your business stay ahead.

Equipping call centre agents with the integrated tools they need to enhance the customer experience is your ace in the hole.

2018 Customer Service Expectations survey revealed that 68% of respondents would pay more for products and services from companies with a strong record of good customer service.

But 61% felt that they were treated like case numbers rather than people in their interactions with service providers.

Euphoria’s integrated CRM tools give businesses instant access to all the relevant customer details they need to personalise the caller’s experience.

Wait times are minimised and verification times are reduced drastically, as all the relevant customer data appears as soon as the caller’s name is entered into the Zoho CRM system.

A better customer experience every time

“Integrated CRM tools add great value for our customers because their teams now have the power to deliver a more personal, efficient and seamless customer experience with every interaction,” says Euphoria Telecom CEO John Woollam.

Woollam continues, “In our current context, data proves that customer expectations are higher than ever before.”

“Effective CRM tools make it easier for call centres to keep their customers at the centre of their universes, making customer satisfaction a natural conclusion.”

Euphoria Telecom’s powerful business telephone solution has a full suite of interchangeable working features and a growing selection of integrated third-party software offerings that make it easier to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Have you considered how well you’re serving your customers today?

Contact Euphoria to bring out the best in your CRM strategy and you may never need to consider it again.

Contact Euphoria on 087 094 5999 to boost your call centre’s productivity now, or find out more on

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