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Euphoria Telecom’s full-service VoIP, cloud-hosted business telephony platform is now integrated with Microsoft Teams, Freshworks’ digital ticketing solution Freshdesk, Zoho CRM and  Zendesk. 

Integration of these technologies makes communication and customer relationship management more seamless for Euphoria’s customers, whose everyday business lives and service capabilities have received a powerful boost in quality and functionality.

Part of the team

Microsoft Teams provides meeting, call, chat and collaboration functionality. It is widely used for virtual meetings and content sharing all over the world. In fact, the number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams almost doubled last year, increasing from 75 million users in April 2020 to 145 million as of the second quarter of 2021

With the power of Euphoria and Microsoft Teams combined, Teams takes on an entirely new dimension. Euphoria Telecom has integrated Teams with its all-in-one telephony solution, meaning customers can now make calls straight out of their Teams interface, just as they would using the Euphoria mobile app or browser phone. 

Microsoft Teams integration enables all the productivity, cost-savings and reporting benefits a full-service PABX solution does, but without having to use two separate systems. And Microsoft Teams users gain access to critical functionality like call queues, reporting and analytics, and the seamless remote communications features that the Euphoria platform provides, all while working in Microsoft Teams.

Try something fresh

Euphoria Telecom has also integrated Freshworks’ digital ticketing solution Freshdesk to its comprehensive communication offering. Freshdesk is a digital helpdesk ticketing system that makes it easier to track queries and issues. 

Freshdesk’s integration with Euphoria provides Freshdesk users with access to enhanced productivity, time and attendance reporting components, and Euphoria users gain the benefits of Freshdesk’s CRM history and functionality features. This helps agents rapidly resolve customer queries with workforce automation and knowledge from one, unified platform.

Bilateral integration between Freshdesk and Euphoria boosts customer service, simply and seamlessly; because together, Euphoria and Freshdesk unlock a more personalised and transparent experience for agents, allowing different team members to handle customer queries smoothly and with no repetition or manual handover. Here’s how:

  • With the agent softphone embedded into the Freshdesk interface and enhanced ticket management automation, agents gain instant access to all customer information based on caller ID. This provides the agent with a single view of the customer before the call has even begun.
  • All communication channels are linked to just one inbox. And as the integration is bilateral, you can use Freshdesk on either the Euphoria Agent Workspace or the Freshdesk interface, for a world-class, personalised customer experience.

Simply put, customer-facing agents no longer have to switch between products to hunt for information before or during a call, because Freshdesk and Euphoria can now provide a single unified view of the customer to help teams quickly deliver personalised support.

A touch of Zen

Zendesk integration with Euphoria’s VoIP, cloud-hosted business telephony platform enhances customer service capabilities for any business using Zendesk’s CRM software platforms.  

Euphoria is enabling Zendesk customers to get the enhanced PABX functionality Euphoria offers, and to make calls within the Zendesk platform. This means service and support teams have access to their phone, dialers and all relevant customer information in one place. For Euphoria users, Zendesk integrates with a 1000+ other business apps, to streamline productivity and workflows. 

CRM in the Zoho zone

Zoho CRM is a single platform that brings your sales, marketing and customer support together in one place. This omnichannel customer service software platform is specifically designed to boost your teams’ productivity and transform your customer service efforts for the better.

Existing Zoho Support Suite customers can embed their Euphoria extensions into the Zoho interface, allowing them to automatically pull up contact information during incoming or outgoing customer calls.

When an agent starts typing the customer’s name or number, the system will automatically search for a contact. If it finds one, it will pull up the customer’s full profile and call history, including previous call recordings.

The best part about Zoho CRM integration is that it gives your teams a single user interface where they can access all of the high-level PABX functionality Euphoria delivers, combined with Zoho’s top-class CRM features. Watch the explainer video that demonstrates just how easy it is to use the Euphoria Softphone in the Zoho CRM here.

Customers first

Euphoria Telecom’s growing selection of integrated third-party software offerings into its platform puts excellent customer relationships and service first. And as Euphoria continues to integrate additional third-party offerings, it is becoming easier for businesses to reach their customers and stay connected with them, wherever they are, using platforms that make the most of 21st century communication technology. 

Contact Euphoria on 087 094 5999 to boost your call centre’s productivity now, or find out more on euphoria.co.za.

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