Cloud PBX vs on-premises PBX

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VoIP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) business phone systems come in two variations. You can choose between a cloud-hosted PBX system or an on-premises PBX. There are a few key differences between the two. Here are a few things to consider when weighing up the choice of cloud PBX vs on-premise PBX.

On-premise PBX

On-premise PBX is normally the choice of larger companies, as it can be costly to set up and maintain. This type of PBX system requires a physical server on the company property to run. All calls are routed through the server, which is normally maintained by dedicated on-site support staff. 

Managing the server is entirely the responsibility of the company with an on-premise system. This gives the company complete control and is generally the choice of businesses who want to maintain a tight grip on security protocols for that reason. But that level of control comes at a price. The company carries all related costs and remains responsible for ongoing maintenance. 

Cloud PBX

A VoIP Private Branch Exchange systems don’t require a physical server. And they are easily scalable, which on-premise PBX systems are not. For example, if the company is expanding and more extensions are needed, with an on-premise PBX, hardware upgrades may be required. Because cloud PABX systems are hosted in the cloud, however; lines can be added in minutes, with no hardware upgrades necessary. 

Maintenance on cloud-based systems is normally handled by a third-party service provider, like Euphoria Telecom. That means it’s not necessary to have an on-site maintenance team. And because there’s no server, a cloud-based system costs less to set up as you save on hardware costs.  

Why choose the cloud? 

A cloud-hosted PBX system costs less to set up and less to maintain. And it makes your work force completely mobile, as they can connect remotely via a variety of devices. These include a desktop-based softphone system, mobile devices and dedicated IP phones. 

As many companies downsize, cut costs or move towards remote or hybrid working models, having an on-site team to maintain a server is becoming increasingly less viable. And in a strained economy, cutting costs is at the top of many business owners’ lists. 

Euphoria Telecom’s cloud-hosted Private Branch Exchange solutions require no long-term subscriptions and features are fully customisable and scalable to suit your company’s budget. All the support you need is included and done offsite as most queries can easily be attended to remotely. Working at a distance is easier now than it has ever been. It’s a sign of the times. The future of telephony is here. And it is in the cloud.  

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