Unify Your Business with Multi-Branch Features

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If you have more than one branch in your business, making inter-branch calls can get expensive and time-consuming. With Euphoria’s Multi-Branch Functionality, you can minimise those costs and maximise time-saving convenience in so many ways.

Having multiple branches on the same cloud-hosted business PBX system allows you to link every branch via one central online hub. And those inter-branch calls can be made the same way internal calls are – at zero cost.

Multi-Branch Functionality has a variety of operational benefits, too. You can up your business’ efficiency and cut down on costs by having a single reception desk, as opposed to one assigned to each branch.

The same approach can be taken with telephonic sales and support. There is no need to have a support team in every province anymore when all calls are routed to one centralised point.

How does it work?

It’s all cloud-based. So, there is no hardware set-up at every branch. The single umbrella PBX is not geographically limited because all communication occurs online, rather than via terrestrial phone lines. This means all your branches can be linked, with minimal fuss.

Multi-Branch Functionality brings you all the benefits of one internal PBX across the board. That’s zero cost, call back features and the ability to see if someone is on a call – even if they are at a branch that is miles away from you.

Have you thought about streamlining your inter-branch telephony yet?

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