Access granted – Euphoria’s VoIP security and access control

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Feature focus: security and access control

If your company uses a VoIP, cloud-based business telephone solution, maintaining total control of data and permissions for your users should not be complicated. Euphoria’s security and access control protocols allow you to manage access to TMS interface features and users’ data permissions – with very little effort.

What is security and access control?

Data breaches can occur. And in many cases, security breaches are committed by people internally – accidentally or deliberately. Security and access control provides administrators with complete power over which users are able to access what features and data in your business telephone solution, based on the users’ roles in the company. For example, an administrator might restrict call centre agents’ access to customers’ personal information and limit their outbound calling capability.

How does it work? 

Granular permissions allow specific permission sets to be assigned to users. These permission sets can be grouped into predetermined roles for easier administration and maintenance. Role-based permissions mean that administrators don’t have to manually set each user up on the system. It can all be done automatically, based on the user’s predefined role.

What makes it so great?

With granular control, you can breathe more easily, knowing exactly what data is visible to users at every level of the business. There is also no need for users to be overwhelmed by unnecessary features or information that is not relevant to them. And as employees’ roles expand within the business, so can their access, quickly and easily.

If you are reviewing VoIP service providers and hosted pabx solutions contact Euphoria Telecom today. We would love to assist you with your business telephony needs.

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