3 reasons every business can benefit from contact centre technology

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VoIP, cloud-based contact centre technology is not just for contact centres. It makes business sense for other companies, too. If you have employees that make or receive a lot of calls, your company should investigate the benefits that Euphoria Telecom’s cloud-based contact centre solutions offer.

It is far more affordable than you might think. In fact, Euphoria’s solution is priced so that any business can take advantage of its benefits, even if you only need two or three call centre extensions and a few in the back office.

Here are three reasons you should be considering switching to cloud-based contact centre technology from Euphoria.

1. Seamless productivity brought to life

It’s easier to manage staff, the customer experience and overall productivity with contact centre technology.

Cloud-based contact centre solutions empower your staff with productivity tools that enable seamless communication across a variety of integrated channels, using Euphoria’s agent workspace, which is simple to navigate and has built-in monitoring and management tools.

Integrated reporting functionality allows you to analyse staff performance and play back recorded calls.

These tools provide accurate usage statistics and dashboards to help you analyse all call activity, so you can easily identify any gaps in efficiency. You can also view who is active on the system at any given time.

New extensions can be added in a matter of minutes. Because the system is hosted in the cloud, rather than relying on hardware that’s fixed at your office, downtime is less likely.

When there are technical issues, most support requests can be handled remotely, saving even more of your valuable time.

2. A solution that grows with your business

Unlike traditional landlines, a cloud-based phone system is not tied to a single location.

Because the system is hosted in the cloud, it can be used on a variety of devices in any location with a stable internet connection – which means your employees can work as easily at home, or on the go, as they can in the office.

Calls can be made and received using a desk-based handset, like a Yealink IP phone, a soft phone interface on a computer or via a mobile app.

Hotdesking and remote working are here for the long-term, thanks to the pandemic, so it makes sense to invest in a solution that allows you to be connected to your office telephone wherever you are.

Cloud-hosted contact centre solutions are also fully scalable. You can be selective about the services you use and only pay for the ones you need. With Euphoria, you can connect anything from three to 1000 and more employees, without committing to fixed, long-term contracts.

3. Affordability in practice

Landline-based and on-premise phone systems come with a lot of costs, including infrastructure costs and equipment that needs to be replaced every few years. And if your company grows, those equipment and office costs only expand with them.

Unlike landline-based systems and on-premise PBX systems, cloud-based telephony doesn’t require a hardware PBX or a server onsite.

Maintenance is handled by your service provider, so there is no need to have an inhouse maintenance team. That all translates into long-term savings.

Save on call costs with Euphoria’s low, fixed per-minute rates with pure per-second billing, and make free calls between your branches.

The only hardware you need to invest in is the devices you’ll be using, which either plug in via a LAN cable or operate wirelessly.

Take the next step in telephony

Euphoria Telecom offers a comprehensive contact centre solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

You can tailor your telephony based on the features you need and let the system grow with your business.

A cloud-based contact centre solution from Euphoria empowers your staff to work from anywhere, with minimal setup time and no long-term subscription needed.

Euphoria’s contact centre technology doesn’t only work for contact centres, it can work for you, too.

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