Why should you get a VoIP system for your home office?

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A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cloud-based business telephone solution could change the way you work from home – and for the better. It isn’t just big businesses that benefit from moving to the cloud. Here’s why it makes sense to bring it into your home-based business, too. 

Go wireless

Whether you work for a small start-up or a corporate giant, you can connect anything from three to 1000+ employees without having to use a clumsy network of wires. VoIP systems transmit calls over the internet, even though you can still make calls to – and receive calls from – traditional landlines. And extensions can be set up anywhere. 

Multi-device, multi-location

As a start-up or sole proprietor, resources are often limited. It’s not always possible to have someone on site to answer the phones all the time. With a VoIP, cloud-based business telephone solution, there is no need to be confined to your desk all day, or to have someone on site to field calls. 

A Euphoria Telecom cloud-based system is fully mobile-friendly. You can connect one extension to up to three devices and set up an office anywhere from a coffee shop to a client’s premises. 

Control the calls you receive

Set up a digital receptionist and call waiting system to screen your calls so that spam or automated calls are less likely to reach your desk. When a customer calls, the digital receptionist can also play a pre-recorded message that allows the customer to choose the extension they’re looking for, opt to leave a message if the line is busy or stay on hold until your line becomes available. 

Cut costs

With Euphoria Telecom, there are no long-term contracts and you can save considerably on your monthly phone bill because you are calling via the internet. Taking your telephony into the cloud also cuts down on your hardware costs upfront. 

Both pre-paid and post-paid options are available. Going with the pre-paid option gives you complete control over the bill. And if you choose the post-paid option, you can keep tabs on your usage online all day, every day. 

Up, up and away

Working from home is bigger than it’s ever been before. And moving your business phone into the cloud simply makes more practical and financial sense in the current climate. Now’s the perfect time to cut that cord and rise above terrestrial telephony, so you can watch your business soar. 

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