What the Heck is Cloud PBX and Why You Need It

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You’ve probably heard that a cloud PBX phone solution is a good alternative to traditional telephone lines. But what is it, how does it work, and how does it benefit your business?

What the Heck is Cloud PBX?

Cloud VoIP and PBX is a type of business telephone solution that uses an internet connection. It is an alternative to conventional phone lines or traditional PBX. But why do you need it? Well, for starters, it’s cheaper, more flexible, and easier to expand than traditional PBX solutions. 

Private phone systems, or PBX systems, were frequently used in businesses. But cloud PBX, which operates through an internet connection to connect IP phones to PBX servers, are replacing traditional phone systems in many companies. This choice often offers considerable cost reductions and more cutting-edge phone functionality.

How Does It Work?

The same principles apply to other cloud software also apply to a cloud VoIP and PBX system, which is housed on a cloud server as opposed to an on-site server. It is accessible from wherever, as long as you have internet access. These days, the majority of companies have stable network connections, which makes this a desirable choice. 

What are the Advantages of Cloud PBX?

A cloud PBX offers the benefit of utilising an internet connection, much like IP phone systems. Here are a few advantages over conventional PBX systems:

More Affordable 

In addition to the maintenance savings, hosting companies sometimes only charge based on consumption, and there is very little initial spending needed. You also won’t need telephone hardware or pricey servers. Additionally, it isn’t necessary to bring in outside help or pay anybody inside to manage maintenance. Additionally, because everything is stored in the cloud, you save crucial space!

Setup is Simple 

Less server-side technical expertise is needed since most cloud phone systems employ installation wizards, making setup simpler. Employees may easily customise call features including call forwarding, work hours, caller ID, and voicemail. Nor do you need specialist knowledge , so there won’t be any downtime while you use your new phone system.

Zero Server Maintenance

On-premise servers may be challenging to manage, especially for small enterprises. In contrast to a telephone network hosted by the provider, a cloud PBX solution allows for simpler server control through web interfaces.

More Reliable and Secure

A cloud-based system is trustworthy and secure. The majority of providers have numerous data centres, ensuring that even if one server crashes or a specific connection is dropped, your phone services will continue to function. Additionally, PBX upgrades and new features are added immediately, and catastrophe recovery is simple and quick.

Remote Calling

Users may dial business phone phone numbers from various places using a web phone or mobile app in addition to VoIP phones. Remote access to voicemail, call transfers, outbound and inbound calls, and other features allows for more flexibility and, often, better customer service.

Wide Range of Features 

A cloud PBX provides a lot more communication options than a typical phone system. Utilise sophisticated call features like call recording, intelligent call routing, and auto attendants with ease. Work together with clients and coworkers using SMS, live chat, video conference, WhatsApp integration, and instant messaging.

Moving Made Simple 

Workplace relocations can be stressful. But since a PBX isn’t a tangible object in your office, moving is that much easier, since nothing has to be transferred. Additionally, it is simple to link different offices using the same system, eliminating the need for expensive inter-office call fees.

Seamless Scalability 

Scaling your business with a cloud VoIP and PBX  is super simple. Depending on your provider, businesses may add or remove extensions and lines at the touch of a button. And, guess what, this can usually be done for very little extra cost. Winning!

Let Euphoria Telecom help you transition to a Cloud PBX today. Risk free, reward rich. 

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