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Know your account status anywhere, anytime

Our easy-to-read dashboard page gives you a big-picture summary of your account at a glance. See your call volumes per day, review costs and credit status, and even get a breakdown of numbers dialled by area code.

account status
account status

Choose how you pay

Pre-paid or post-paid – the choice is yours. Pre-paid airtime means you control exactly how much you spend. Post-paid means you’ll never have to top up. Either way, with your account details available online 24/7, there’ll be no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Never lose an invoice

All your account details, invoices and statements are available online at all times. They’re backed up in the cloud, so they’ll never get lost, and are searchable, downloadable and easy to read.

euphoria system
euphoria system

Keep your number

With geographic landline number porting, you can keep your number no matter which service provider you use.

Manage your system from anywhere

With our built-in TMS you’ll be able to manage both your PBX’s high-level functions and day-to-day operations from wherever you are, at no extra cost. Detailed reports, real-time monitoring, call tracking, and trend data are just a few of the tricks up the sleeve of our TMS.

euphoria system
euphoria system

Automate with ease

Customisable automation features ensure your calls are answered, routed and handled correctly every time. Updating and changing your menus, media and routing is simple from the user-friendly interface on your TMS.

Analyse your data

The TMS not only helps to control and track your system’s activity, it helps you analyse it too. Incoming and outgoing call trends and costs, agent performance, and detailed customer experience information are all at the tip of your fingers.

euphoria system

Personalise by choice, not necessity

You’ll never have to customise anything you don’t want to, but if you do like to put your own stamp on things, we’ve given you all the tools you can dream of, and made them easy as pie to use.

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