Euphoria PABX: Boosts Reception Services

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Receptionists often do far more than answer phones. They are the frontline voices and faces of the companies they represent.

Euphoria Telecom’s hosted PBX  business phone solution works in tandem with live receptionists, providing a backup plan when they are otherwise occupied and simplifying the communication pipeline between the front desk and the rest of the business.

“How may I direct your call?”

Receptionists often have to be calm under fire and must be able to multitask as they juggle greeting callers and visitors, signing for deliveries and completing various office administration tasks. 

A professional receptionist can be an invaluable asset to the company, presenting a friendly, efficient face to customers and other important visitors. This is why many companies are reluctant to bring in advanced business phone systems as replacements for their valuable support staff. But with Euphoria Telecom’s cloud-hosted PBX  business phone solution, live and virtual receptionists can comfortably work in tandem to get the most out of the front desk.

A live receptionist is capable of performing important tasks that simply cannot be automated. They have first-hand knowledge about the business that allows them to answer company-related questions posed by callers, provide information about company events or products and direct callers with more complex queries to the relevant departments. 

Simpler queries, however, can be automated, freeing up the receptionist to field more delicate calls, interact with visitors and carry on with pressing administrative tasks. 

The power of teamwork

Euphoria Telecom’s business telephony solution is driven by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud computing, working together to streamline the reception desk’s call routing and communication processes. 

With Euphoria’s VoIP, cloud-hosted telephone solution, the reception desk can still field calls, even if the live receptionist is occupied with something else or busy on another line. 

The IVR (Interactive voice response) system can answer calls with a personalised pre-recorded message and provide automated options to make the caller’s journey more satisfying. 

IVR menus can direct callers to their intended extension without any interaction with the live receptionist, rather than leaving them on hold if the receptionist is unavailable. The system can easily be configured so that the caller can choose to hold for the receptionist if the line is busy or select an option to be routed to the correct department. 

Alternatively, IVR can filter out simpler queries that could be answered using pre-recorded options, leaving the receptionist free to deal with more complicated queries and tasks.

The flexible front desk

Euphoria Telecom’s hosted PBX  is fully scalable, with a selection of 200+ features that can be handpicked to suit your business’s needs. Support is always on-hand and even if your company has multiple sites, all calls can be managed and directed from one central location. Euphoria Telecom packages can accommodate anything from three to 1000+ extensions, with no long-term subscription required. Extensions can also be added and removed quickly and easily.

As the solution is cloud-based, your receptionist can even operate from home, using a softphone interface on a computer, an IP handset or a mobile device enabled by a dedicated app. 

Moving your telephony into the cloud can make your front desk more friendly and flexible than ever before. The new face of frontline communication has arrived. And it is receiving a welcome reception at front desks everywhere. 

4 key features for receptionists

Parking lot – lets you transfer someone into a queue rather than to a specific person and risk the caller not being attended to.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – allows callers to dial directly into a sales or accounts queue rather than flooding the reception line.

Voicemail to email – helps you to manage and respond to missed calls.

After-hours messages automatically scheduled – No more need to manually activate response messages when you leave for the day.

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