Hosted PBX for municipalities – driving communication in local government

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As digital transformation sweeps the globe, Euphoria’s hosted PBX for municipalities can support local governments to keep communication pipelines up to date. In a strained economy, cost saving is also a major priority at every level of government. Euphoria Telecom offers a more affordable and effective cloud-hosted telephone solution that can keep municipalities ahead in their districts.

A unified phone solution

Government institutions rely on firmly established systems to serve the public. At the centre of those systems is communication, which can either optimise or break down efficiency and productivity, depending on the effectiveness of the communication protocol. 

Euphoria’s hosted PBX for municipalities can assist municipalities to have multiple departments. This can make call routing a complex exercise. To add to that, South Africa is a country that operates in many languages. Your phone solution should simplify the routing process, ensuring that calls quickly reach their intended destination despite the complexity. 

Switching from a traditional landline-based or on-premise PBX system to a VoIP, cloud-based system can boost government office productivity and bring added features that create a more seamless experience for government employees and the public alike. 

The beauty of simplicity

Cloud-hosted PBX systems deliver simple solutions to complex problems. Callers can be reliably routed to the department they’re looking for in their language of choice via a virtual assistant. Basic enquiries can also be automated. For example, if someone is calling in to find out the balance on their rates, voice prompts can be used to verify the caller and share the information they need. 

Many government departments use on-premise IP PBX systems to route calls. But these systems need specialised engineers to maintain them. VoIP business phone solutions from Euphoria are hosted in the cloud and maintenance requests are generally handled offsite, saving costs and time. Installation requires less cabling and hardware as a variety of devices (including mobile phones for remote work) can be wirelessly integrated into the network – another cost saving.

Real-time data and reporting allows supervisors to view the number of calls received versus calls answered, plus average call lengths and call times. Calls can also be recorded and played back. These are all valuable tools for assessing productivity and encouraging a better work ethic.

Serve the public from the cloud 

VoIP systems from Euphoria offer your government office a choice of over 200 customisable features, whether you run a small department or an office with 1000 or more employees. Porting existing numbers over is easy to do and adding or removing extensions is also a simple process. As digital communication soars to new heights in the cloud, there’s no reason to let your municipality be left behind. 

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