On-premise IP PBX
An on-premise PBX system operates using a server on the company premises. Usually, this type of system is used by larger companies which may have strict security protocols in place. And maintenance is the responsibility of the company. That means an on-site team is often needed to maintain the server, conduct ongoing upgrades and provide support to employees.

Initial setup costs can be high and infrastructure needs to be available on-site to keep the system running. In the long-term, these are factors that have to be worked into the budget. And while third party support isn’t needed, it is often required as  it is the sole responsibility of the company to maintain the system which can become onerous. 

IP-PBX systems

An IP PBX system cuts out the phone lines, bringing voice and data together. Because calls are transmitted over the internet, local and international calls can be made at reduced rates. IP PBX systems can either operate on-premise or in the cloud – via third party providers like Euphoria Telecom.

Where landlines can only work as far as the cabling on the premises extends, IP PBX systems can enable working from anywhere. Multiple devices can be used, including laptops – with a softphone interface, mobile phones – using a dedicated app and IP headsets like Yealink phones. IP PBX systems also offer hundreds of customisable integrated features, like call recording, detailed call reporting, virtual assistants and more. 

Hosted PBX

A VoIP, cloud-hosted PBX system is hosted in the cloud. That means there is no need for a server on site or a dedicated maintenance team. Initial setup costs are far lower than on-premise PBX because there is no need to purchase a server and related hardware. 

Euphoria’s cloud-based, VoIP business phone solution is fully scalable. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them. You can add additional features as your company grows, with over 200 customisable system tools to choose from. The agility of the solution caters for businesses of all sizes from startups right through to multi-franchise operations and larger corporates. Best of all you can manage your company’s phones and monitor your team’s time and attendance from anywhere which makes remote working simple and seamless. 

As the world lives more online, a cloud-based business phone solution from Euphoria is a practical and affordable answer to your telephony that will keep your team in touch, with minimal setup and no long-term contract is required. Why not start the 2021 off with a reliable phone system that will help your business perform optimally while simultaneously reducing your overall operating costs? Now that’s a decision that just makes cents.