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More about our VOIP reseller opportunity

Resellers are a critical component of the customer experience and enable us to meet customer demand nationally. We depend on our resellers to provide

  • Local customer relationships and expertise.
  • Personalized reach including installations, onsite support and training.
  • A broad set of complementary cloud services such as e-mail, online backup and to manage required connectivity.
    Cloud Voip Resellers provide essential services that allow customers to take maximum advantage of the Euphoria Cloud PBX services, ease the initial setup, migration, customization, and ongoing user experience.

Customer reviews

Euphoria has a dynamic reseller department. The team is friendly and always goes the extra mile to assist. And Euphoria’s feature-rich system is constantly evolving. This keeps it relevant and makes it a useful and appealing business telecoms product to sell within the South African marketplace.

 Frank Janse van Rensburg, Operations Manager, Novacloud

SABEN’s relationship with Euphoria originated in 2016. We have since become one of their biggest resellers. Several of our end users (public TVET colleges) have collectively saved hundreds of thousands in telephony costs by implementing Euphoria Telecom’s innovative solutions. This success would not have been possible without end-to-end support from the Euphoria team. Our close working relationship with SABEN’s Account Manager, Aidan Smit, has been an instrumental part of the deal. And our own service team have benefited greatly from extensive training on the product thus enabling us to provide a high quality after sales experience to our customers. We look forward to further developing our relationship with Euphoria in the years to come. 


Garth Scholtz
General Manager, SABEN – South African Broadband Education Network

What do I get?

Management console

The reseller( TMS) management console allows resellers to centrally manage all customer accounts, view invoice history and handle billing

Reseller discounts

Resellers receive up to 25% off our Cloud PABX service fees including:

  • Extension service fees
  • Call recording service fees
  • DID service fees

Resellers receive up to 15% discount on their customers’ outbound calling costs

  • 0 – R 5000 total outbound calling costs = 0%
  • R 5 001 t0 R15 000 total outbound calling costs = 10%
  • R 15 001 + total outbound calling costs = 15%

All discounts are limited to a maximum of 50% of gross profit earned by Euphoria Telecom.

Tools and training

Included in the program costs is up to 15 hours of one on one online training. Support documentation and online videos are made available to assist with best practices and configuration settings.

Channel support

Upon joining and paying for the program, every reseller receives initial support to assist them with on-boarding. It is the resellers responsibility to act as first and second line support for their customers. 

Join a growing network

Euphoria has grown exponentially for 9 years running with no sign of abating. Join a growing community of cutting-edge resellers that are already helping businesses make the transition. Become part of the future…

What is expected of me?

Find new customers

Lead generation, marketing and leveraging your local network and customer base are critical in building a successful Euphoria reseller income stream.

Manage the entire network

Resellers maintain full ownership of the billing relationship with their customers, just as you are used to with most on-premise technologies. This helps you maintain your central relationship with customers. We simply send you an invoice for each customer at the end of each month listing the license and call usage charges for your customers.

Beyond billing, Euphoria Resellers manage the entire customer relationship, including change management, support and communications. This flexibility enables partners to cleanly package an entire experience together with product and services.

Provide Value Added Services

Differentiate yourself by providing solutions that bring unique value to your customers such as consulting, deployment, training, change management, support, vendor integration, security and more.

Source and sell required hardware

As a Euphoria Reseller you are responsible for sourcing approved IP phones, vibe routers, LTE or ADSL network routers and and other equipment that is required by your customers. Euphoria does not provide any hardware to the resellers, Euphoria provides the Cloud PABX platform and emergency support to the Resellers.

A good understanding of the last mile and networking

When providing Cloud PABX services the most important aspect is managing the connectivity of the phones to the Cloud PABX environment. These run on a customers local network and then over a dedicated or prioritised connection. To do this resellers need a good understanding of local networks, Internet connectivity and basic routing.

Customer service and retention

The Euphoria brand is synonymous with excellent customer service and integrity. We expect the same level of service to be delivered from our resellers. Dissatisfaction from reasonable end user customer’s will lead to evaluation of your reseller status.

Call quality and a reliable service is dependent on the last mile connectivity more than 90% of the time. As a reseller, it is critical you take our advice and implement appropriate connectivity for voice. If you look after the connectivity and respond to customer support swiftly, you will have satisfied customers.

How do I apply?

complete the application

The first step in the process is to fill out the application form. Note that there is a once off fee of R 3000 excluding VAT to join the Euphoria Reseller Program. The fee is only payable if you are accepted into the program. The fee includes up to 15 hours of one on one online training within a period of 30 days.

qualify for the program

To qualify for the program, your registered company must:

  • 2 x Support Staff
  • 1 x Sales Staff
  • R​3,000 Reseller sign on fee (for training and TMS branding).
  • Active Reseller (meaning you need to sign up a minimum of 8 new clients in 12
  • Minimum of 15 hours’ worth of training for  sales, support and admin
  • Use the Euphoria Cloud PBX system for your own company

pass a credit check

Once your application has been accepted and you have paid the program fee, we will run a credit check on your company . This will take 5-10 business days. Upon completion of a successful credit check, we will offer you an official reseller legal agreement.

Roles and responsibilities


As trusted technology advisors, you play the pivotal role of helping your customers get the best out of Euphoria and complementary cloud services. Euphoria provides you with the tools, technology, training and support to help make your service business successful. But it is you, not Euphoria, that has the relationship with your customers. Bringing the benefits of our Cloud PABX platform to your customers will strengthen and deepen the trust that they have in you.

Euphoria's relationship with you the reseller

  • Euphoria supports you on technical issues unsolvable through normal methods provided in the inital training and online help resources found at
  • Offers you a credible platform and brand, locally developed and supported here in South Africa.
  • Euphoria ensures you are capable of covering your liability of all your customers combined.

your relationship with your customers

  • Tailor a solution including hardware, connectivity and PABX setup for your customers.
  • Provide the customer with orientation, training, change management and support.
  • Own and manage all invoicing and receive payments directly from customers.
  • Source, setup and sell all necessary hardware to implement the service properly.
  • Use routers, equipment and VoIP phones that are on the Euphoria approved hardware list.
  • Source and install suitable connectivity for voice traffic. (See our connectivity guidelines here)
  • Setup static routes on the phones or routers to ensure voice traffic uses the dedicated connection for voice.

Common questions

Is there a cost to join Euphoria's reseller program?

Yes there is a once off cost of R3000 excluding VAT.

How do i know Euphoria won't take my customers?

Our reseller program is designed to place our resellers in control of the customer relationship, from invoicing and pricing to installation and support, customised services, and communications. Our focus is on building a best-in-class product and allowing our resellers to deliver a best-in-class experience.

What technical knowledge will i need to resell Euphoria?

There are 4 main areas you and your employees will need to be proficient.

  1. The Euphoria Cloud PABX – Setup, configurations and trouble shooting.
  2. Connectivity – using suitable connectivity for voice is critical to the success of any Euphoria Cloud PABX installation. You will need to be able to consult and either sell or suggest appropriate connectivity in respect of their location.
  3. End user premise equipment setup and configurations. This will include IP phones, routers and switches.
  4. Local Area Networks and ViBE Technology – You will need to know basic networking such as DHCP, Static Routes and VPN setups and routing.

Euphoria will provide training, information and best practices for all of the above.

do i have to make a big upfront investment?

There is a R3000 initial program fee which is mainly to cover the initial training. Beyond that your main investment will be in time, working with the system to fully understand the PABX and the critical nature of last mile connectivity. You will need cash flow to purchase equipment, routers and demo equipment.

How does billing work once i become a reseller?

Euphoria invoices your company, your company invoices your customers.

Every PABX account will have its own invoices and transaction history made out to your company. You are invoiced on the 15th of every month for the calls made from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month. This monthly invoice will be debited on the 10th of the month thereafter. You are also charged for PABX service fees for the month ahead. Your invoices are discounted according to your contract with us from our standard retail rates.

Where do i get training on the system and best practices?

You will be given up to 15 hours of one on one training as well as support documentation and access to our support portal for recommended connectivity methods and configurations.

who provides end user (customer) support?

Your company is entirely responsible for the customers’ support and service, Euphoria will not assist your customers as they will be referred to your company for swift assistance.

what support do i receive as a reseller?

Euphoria will support you once your company has exhausted all normal methods of troubleshooting including referring to our growing solution database and help guidelines.

how do SLA's work as Euphoria provides the product?

The Euphoria SLA is available in the standard Customer Service Agreement that you sign as well as the reseller contract. You can mirror the SLA offering to your customer base, as Euphoria is taking the majority of the risk upfront.

Why does euphoria have to run a credit check?

Our reseller program is designed for resellers to continue to own the relationship with their clients, while we maintain a billing relationship with our resellers. If the financial relationship between Euphoria and the reseller goes bad, this can ultimately result in a poor customer experience. To minimise the likelihood of these complications, we require that each reseller applicant be offered credit terms by Euphoria before being approved for the program.

what are the requirements to pass the credit check?

You must have a legally registered business with an established credit history otherwise you have to pay a deposit from 50% to 100% of your required credit limit depending on your credit status.

what if i am a sole proprietorship?

Sole proprietors who satisfy the requirements above will be considered for credit terms. Sole traders and proprietors who don’t have a legally registered business or who are trading under their own name, a DBA, or a fictitious name, will not be granted credit terms with Euphoria.

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