The budget speech – what does it mean for business? And how can you maximise your communications spend?

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In the latest budget speech, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced there would be no tax increases for companies this year.

This should provide a measure of relief to some local businesses. But what else can companies do to manage their costs and work more efficiently?

Where do you begin?

Transforming your telephony can both save costs and improve productivity, and Euphoria Telecom’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), cloud-based business phone solutions are feature rich and affordable, making communication more seamless than traditional phone systems and the internal server-based PBX varieties.

Cloud-based phone systems have many advantages:

  • Big cost savings – Cloud-hosted PBX solutions cut down on your upfront investment costs because they are hosted in the cloud – not on a costly onsite server.

Onsite servers require regular maintenance. That means either contracting maintenance staff or having them in-house.

With a cloud-hosted system, your server is online and support is conducted remotely via your cloud-based VoIP service provider.

You can also save on hardware by making calls from a choice of different devices, rather than having dedicated phones at every desk.

Use a softphone interface on any computer with a stable internet connection, a mobile phone app – suitable for most smart mobile devices – or an IP (Internet Protocol) handset.

This allows your workforce to be fully mobile if they are working remotely.

VoIP calls are more affordable than landline calls as you pay low, fixed per-minute rates, both on short and long-distance calls. With Euphoria’s phone solution, interbranch calls are free.

  • Productivity –Some cloud-hosted VoIP systems, like Euphoria’s, provide real-time reporting, statistics, call recording and monitoring via a central dashboard.

You can monitor ongoing or missed calls, assess agents’ performance and productivity levels, track call rates and optimise the call routing process.

Euphoria Telecom offers a choice of over 200 features to choose from. These include integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, and you can see call volumes per day, review your costs and credit status and even get a breakdown of numbers dialled by area code.

  • Saving time – On a cloud-hosted PBX, setup is quick and easy. Adding new lines can be done in minutes.

The minimal hardware needed to get extensions up and running means no waiting for technicians to come out and install lines, and remote support cuts downtime drastically because there’s no need to book appointments and wait days or even weeks for support to materialise.

Features and extensions can be added and removed as they are needed in proportion to what your business needs.

There is no need to pay for resources you won’t use if you downsize and no need to spend major capital on expanding if you upsize – whether you need three extensions or more than 1000.

Experience the power of a cloud-based business phone system

As businesses all over the world continue to struggle with the economic impact, including lost customers and revenues, and shrinking markets, rethinking communication systems is a proactive step in the right direction.

Euphoria Telecom offers best-in-class, affordable phone solutions that fit into the budget and productivity tools that add value to your business.

Plus, you can personalise your telephony based on the features you need and let the system grow with your business. Why not save in 2021 and in years to come with telephony that works for you?

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