PAIA Manual in SA Law

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) is a South African law designed to ensure that citizens have the right to access any information held by the State, or by any other person, that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights. Euphoria Telecom is committed to transparency and compliance with this law.

Our PAIA Manual outlines the procedures to be followed when requesting access to information. It provides comprehensive guidelines on the type of records held by Euphoria Telecom, the request process, and the applicable fees for accessing such information.

This manual is designed to assist individuals or entities who wish to request access to any records held by Euphoria Telecom. It includes an explanation of the terms, procedures for making requests, and information on the appeal process.

Euphoria Telecom maintains records on a wide range of matters, including operational information, customer information, human resources information, and financial records. However, please note that certain exclusions may apply as per the Act’s stipulations to protect privacy, confidentiality, and the commercial interests of our company and our clients.

The PAIA Manual for Euphoria Telecom is available for download on our website, or physical copies can be provided upon request.

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PAIA Manual