Euphoria Telecom Sponsors the Call Center Excellence Summit

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IQPC leverages a global research base of the best practices to produce problem-solving conferences.  Euphoria has partnered with IQPC to bring you the second annual Call Center Excellence Summit in Johannesburg, November 2014.  The summit is focused at presenting call centers across the country with the necessary solutions and strategies to ensure that they are on par with current market demands and trends.

As the call center industry in Africa grows so does the competition, along with improvements in technology and client expectations, which ultimately results in call center quality being the deciding factor when selecting a product or service.  Customer service has thus become a very important asset for a company, putting a lot of pressure on call center professionals to provide nothing less than an excellent experience to each and every caller.

Euphoria have developed the Cloud PBX to meet all the requirements for call centers and are constantly developing and improving, ensuring that we remain ahead of industry demands.  As a customer centric company we are continuously taking the time to understand the requirements of actual call centers, which in turn enables them to provide their customers with excellent service.

System features include an:

  • API

Allows for systems integration according to the needs of specific customers

  • Call Recording

Recordings are stored in the cloud across three different countries and have MD5# encryption used in the Court of Law

  • Real Time Overall Monitor

Allows for effective management and decision making within a live call centre environment

  • Real Time Call Monitor

Listen in, join in or help out

  • Agent Manager

Windows based desktop soft phone with call history, contact list and queue details

  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Outbound and inbound analysis according to date, time, networks, numbers, etc.

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Keep customers informed and up to date, ensuring that calls are routed appropriately

  • Call Log Report

Detailed report on specific calls showing time in queue, who answered, who transferred, etc.

  • Agent performance reporting

Detailed analysis of agent call history, queue etiquette and call time analytics

  • Queues

Allow for effective call distribution and flow. Ensuring your customers don’t ‘get lost’

Our CEO, George Golding will be giving a talk on; “Building local solutions for real problems.” Technology solutions often over promise and under deliver.  Over the last 4 years Euphoria Telecom has built a revolutionary, world-class, cloud based communications platform in direct response to local market requirements.  No assumptions, no promises, the system is built in-line with actual customer requirements. Gain insight into the system and how to use technology to reduce administration (internal red tape) manage your workforce and streamline your call distribution without breaking the bank.

To find out more about the Call Center Excellence Summit, taking place on the 18th to the 20th of November at the Empire Executive Hotel, in Johannesburg.

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