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Despite the impact of COVID-19, South Africa’s automobile industry remains the country’s biggest industrial sector, contributing 4.9% to GDP in 2020. From production to sales, the automobile sector is a powerhouse driven by strong service standards and end-to-end communication.

One of the best investments that car and automobile manufacturers, auto parts and accessories manufacturers, automobile sales, auto dealerships, and other automotive companies can make is a phone system that works well and doesn’t cost too much.

Automotive Phone and Telecom Solutions by Euphoria Telecom

The automotive sector can be volatile. That’s why it is crucial to take advantage of every opportunity by always being accessible when a potential customer or current client calls. This will help you survive and grow, whether the automotive industry is soaring or sinking.

This is where Euphoria Telecom comes in: To give companies of all sizes and industries a personalised service that is affordable and works well for their industry, so they can be there for their customers whenever and wherever they need them.

Why Euphoria? 

Euphoria Telecom offers the best automotive phone and telecom solutions, with benefits like:

  • Contract-free packages
  • Massive savings
  • Fully remote work capabilities
  • Contact centre compatible
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Loadshedding capabilities

Euphoria Telecoms’ hosted PBX can be customised to any automobile company. Euphoria’s cloud-hosted PABX system gives the best communication solution for call or service centres, multi-site organisations, and more.

In today’s digital environment, company phone systems must have flexible communication functions. Many firms need remote workers Tornado Cash. Automatic call routing, cost analysis, and call recording are also useful.

Euphoria Telecom offers automotive phone and telecom packages with three to 1,000+ extensions that can be customised for automobile service centres, manufacturers, retailers, or suppliers.

Live and virtual receptionists may operate together with Euphoria Telecom’s cloud-hosted PBX service.  A receptionist can conduct activities that can’t be automated. First-hand understanding of the business helps them to answer customers’ company-related inquiries, give information about corporate events or goods, and guide callers with difficult concerns to the necessary departments.

Simpler enquiries can be automated, enabling receptionists to handle more sensitive calls, tackle admin, and interact with visitors. 

Euphoria’s cloud-based PBX solution provides fast, secure, consistent network connectivity, free inter-branch calling, and reasonable per-minute local and international call rates, with postpaid and prepaid alternatives. While cost reporting and monitoring help manage budgets.

Choose Euphoria’s Automotive Phone Solutions

Buying a vehicle is a big choice that requires reliable business phone solutions and well-informed, friendly contact centre representatives. 

When you move your automotive business’s telephony to the cloud with Euphoria, you can pick from over 200 functions. You’ll discover a tailored solution that’s perfect for your dealership, parts business, repair facility, manufacturing firm, or anything else. Signup requires no long-term commitment. Find out more about Euphoria’s automotive phone and telecom solutions here

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