How to: Choosing a Wireless Microphone Headset for Work

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Need a headset for business?  Whether your job calls for daily video conferencing, customer calls or any other communication, you need to be confident that you have headphones with a microphone that is right for your specific requirements and environment. When choosing a headset for work, there are a few key factors to consider:

Comfortable wireless headphones with mic

A headset with a comfortable fit is the first factor and crucial since you’ll likely be wearing it for extended periods of time. Over the ear wireless Bluetooth headsets will be far more comfortable than in earphones with mics. To be able to wear a headset 7 to 8 hours a day it must have enough padding and be made of a material that sits well against the skin. Check the measurements of the headband or choose wireless headsets with mic that have adjustable headbands.

Work headsets with the best sound quality

Choosing a headset which has consistent sound quality that’s loud, clear and professional is important. Make sure the headset has good audio quality for clear communication on calls and meetings.

Choose a high quality headset microphone

Look for a headset with a noise-cancelling microphone to reduce background noise and improve call quality. Noise-cancelling wireless headsets are crucial for people who work in an open office or a location with background noise. If you are a person who works from home, in a private office or a mostly quiet environment this may be a nice to have instead of a requirement. Keep in mind a headband style which would better hold the microphone close to your mouth for clearer audio. Your wireless mic should be 2 finger’s distance from your mouth.

Check for compatibility in a work headset

Check that the headset is compatible with the devices and software you use for work, such as your computer, laptop or phone. Generally, well known and widely accessible brands like Shure and Sennheiser are compatible with most devices.

Look for headsets with great connectivity

Consider whether you want a wired or wireless Bluetooth headset with mic, and whether you need additional features such as premium isolation or the ability to connect to multiple devices. Typically, gaming headsets have more user-friendly features but come with a higher price tag.

Choose a durably made wireless headset

If you are in a noisy environment or use headset often, look for one that is built to last with durable materials. Wireless headsets which seem mostly plastic or flimsy design. Instead, headsets which are made to be sturdy and with long-lasting materials will be the smart choice.

Find Bluetooth headset brands with the best reputations and reviews

Look for a headset from a reputable brand and read a variety of customer reviews to see how well the headset performs in real-world use. You can watch plenty Youtubers who are knowledgeable about high performing headsets and regularly do video reviews after testing them in everyday situations so that you don’t have to.

If you keep in mind comfort, sound quality, microphone, compatibility, connectivity, durability and finally bear in mind the brand’s reputation, you will know how to choose the best headset for your work. After this breakdown, you will also be able to prioritise which of these factors and additional features are the most important to you so that you can stay within your budget. This is just one area where you can get guaranteed expertise on telecom solutions with Euphoria.

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