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Many professionals in South Africa have started to follow the group movement that is known as ‘digital nomads’.

The revolutionary term, which refers to location independent individuals who leverage wireless digital technologies to perform their work duties, has grown in popularity around the world as well as in South Africa.

Thanks to cheap and wireless internet access, smartphones, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP), being a nomad isn’t as impossible as it might sound.

With these technological advances ‘nomads’ can work remotely wherever they live or travel and easily keep in contact with clients and employers. This means the end of the rat-race grind of cubicle and commute.

They wake up, open their computers, and have a good full day’s work from anywhere in the world while enjoying the benefits of first-world income and developing-world cost of living.

How Euphoria enables ‘digital nomads’

Euphoria has come to realise that many companies, entrepreneurs, and developers in South Africa are finding new ways of doing business.

This includes the adoption of the exponentially rising trend of remote working.

With this in mind, Euphoria offers a proprietary cloud-based business telephone system, together with PBX and VoIP products, that enable greater mobility for the workforce and remote working.

These services allow individuals to work location independent as all calls coming into the business’s geographic number can be directed to a digital receptionist or a hunt list.

When the PBX needs to connect to an employee, it contacts them directly on their mobile device by sending the call over the mobile network (GSM) instead of an internet connection.

Essentially, all employees’ direct extensions become their mobile numbers, and these calls are routed directly to their mobile phones.

The newly labelled ‘digital nomad’ will then still be able to manage the call as if working from an office PBX.

This includes functions like being part of a hunt list and access to the business IVR menu, and they can also perform attended or blind transfers to colleagues – mobile or office-based.

The key advantage is that even once a call has been routed to the employee’s mobile number, they still remain in control of the call, i.e. the employee can still transfer the call.

Thanks to Euphoria’s PBX solutions, you can be a ‘digital nomad’ and work with impeccable views from any of your favourite South African destinations.

For more information about Euphoria’s business telephone services, visit their website.

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