Euphoria is a leading brand in the ever-changing field of business communications technology. We work with dynamic start-ups daily and have often felt like the “oldest brand in the room”. To keep up with modern technology design trends, we have upgraded our logo design to better reflect our brand values of innovation and transparency, and to communicate our brand in a bold and confident manner. Our logo is deliberately simpler and cleaner which underscores our commitment to transparent business operations and designed to reflect our modern, innovative edge.

We are a locally produced telecoms platform, dedicated to satisfy the needs of the small to medium sized business owner. Euphoria is designed and positioned as a customer-centric business. We are always working to improve our product and service offering to our clients, and by always innovating, we are adding measureable value to our business partnerships.

Euphoria is an information and communications technology company that provides an innovative Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication service to SME’s. Our proprietary Cloud PBX systems have been developed in South Africa.

Here is what some of our clients have to say about our new logo:

“I love your new look, because I feel it now matches up with your services. Your services = sleek, modern and pushing the boundaries. I feel your new look now ties into this.
I never thought Branding was important before, but working for EES has taught me that, one logo can make a huge difference in presentation and can be the difference between losing a client and gaining a new one.” Kim Greyling – Excecutive PA, EES

“My thinking is that the light blue colour is calming and works well with the little cloud within the word. The font is modern too.” Michael Furter, Consequence Wealth, Owner