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We’re delighted to introduce a new look, upgraded version of our feature rich Telephone Management System (TMS).

TMS v3 is live now, and we will be moving all of our customers across to the new system over the next six months. After that, v2 will no longer be available.

What does this mean for me?

For most of Euphoria’s customers, TMS v3 will enable you to reduce your monthly costs, take greater control of your call recording storage and consolidate your admin logins – and that’s before you consider the 200-odd fabulous features you’ll have access to.

Ok, come at me…

How does enhanced security (built in from the ground up), up to the minute time and attendance information, enhanced recording and storage offerings and a lot of analytics and reporting sound? Check this out:

Feature and access control 

More stringent feature and access control in v3 makes your data more secure than ever before. This means that your data is safer than ever before. You can now give managers and team leaders access to only what they need – at an organisational level. Upgraded permissioning features mean you can manage specific teams and bespoke permissions for managers and their team members based on the roles they need to execute – sales versus administration, for example.

Remote working made simple

No matter where your workforce is – distributed across multiple branches, working remotely from home or a combination of the two, managing them is critical to delivering on your business goals. TMS v3 has been designed to enable you to do that easily and effectively. The built-in time and attendance functionality provides valuable insights into how your teams are performing – no matter where you or they are.

Recording and Storage 

Storing call recordings is a critical compliance element – but there’s no need to pay for what you’re not using. We’ve redesigned our offering to meet your needs. Choose from 6 months to 1 year, 2 years or longer. This allows you to manage your call recording costs by only storing critical recordings, and only for as long as you need to. Customised retention packages are available too.

Analytics and Reporting

TMS V3 has brand new analytics and reporting functionality, plus a new look and feel. This, combined with automated reporting, aims to make your job a little easier (and prettier).

Call Centre Extensions

For those of you running call centres – large or small – we have developed some must-have functionality and  and released two new extension packages: 

  1. Agent extension – this is an inbound agent that can make manual outbound calls as needed. 
  2. Agent and Dialer extension  – this is an outbound extension that has the ability to be linked to two types of dialers, Preview Dialer as well as Power Dialer. 

Both of these new types of extensions come with a host of analytics, plus time and attendance functions that are critical for call centres.


New Features

Look and feel

Data Retention choices

Phone Rental Options

Global Contacts

Manager Access

Scheduled reporting

Roles, permissions. participants

Extension Permission management

TMS users

Drag and drop action functionality

Advanced Queue Participation

Agent Browser application

Advanced Agent Wallboard

Agent Workspace

Agent Analytics

Real time Integration framework (Webhooks)

Call Dispositioning

Pause Code

Global Contacts

CRM Tagging


Dialer Participation

Outbound Campaign Builder

 I want it now

TMS v3 is available today – all you need to do is login to start exploring. 

Please note: Unless specifically agreed, Euphoria will keep call recordings for a 6 month period, whereafter they will be destroyed in line with current data protection requirements. If you would like to keep your call recordings for longer, please contact your account manager to discuss the storage periods and any associated costs.